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Easy Content Ideas To Write A Blog Post For Amateur Bloggers

To get stuck and not find any inspiration for writing a blog post or falling short of content ideas happens to the best of writers. One of the most common questions that a blogger asks is, How Do I Come up with new content ideas every week? Blogging and publishing content can be a struggle, and it can be challenging. However, we have a few content ideas that amateur bloggers can use to master the art of writing and come up with new ideas now and then.

Content Ideas That Can Drive Traffic in 2022

It is ok to face occasional writer’s block. But to come up with excellent blog post ideas, it is essential to pay attention to the world around you for a flurry of potential ideas for blog posts. Blogging is one of the powerful ways to connect with your target audience. Also, bloggers must have a list of ideas ready in advance as they have to churn out larger quantities of content in a day. So, staying organized and coming up with relevant content ideas is vital for budding content writers.

One of the main reasons to write a blog is to attract traffic to the page. Also, producing quality content becomes essential for amateur bloggers to stand out from the crowd. But a million-dollar question is how to stand out and drive traffic to the blog.

We have compiled a list of easy content ideas for amateur bloggers to pursue and deliver content that adds significance to the readers.

Pick A Popular Topic That Generates Excitement To The Readers

Look out for trending topics, tips, tricks, the latest news that your readers will love to read. First, you’ll get a sense of what’s popular and trending. Then, create articles on such issues and offer a unique perspective or build on what’s already been said. Finally, you can express your views on the subject and start a conversation.

Take any current topic and write a blog post on your thoughts. Make a case for or against the subject as you think fit, and support your claim with evidence. These types of blogs are bound to generate a lot of interest.

Pick Topics From Quora Or Reddit

Bloggers can find inspiration from online forums like Quora and Reddit. Both these forums are massive, and you can find content ideas prevailing to anything and everything under the sun. You only have to type in a specific topic, brand, or industry that you think might interest your readers and turn the questions you find on the forum into great content ideas.

Content Ideas

Write On People You Follow On Social Media

This is a great content idea hack that amateur bloggers can use and turn into exciting content to read. Depending on the nature of your blog, you can come up with an engaging mix of content ideas list—for example, Top 10 Social Media Influencers, List Of Top 10 Motivational Speakers On Instagram.

A blogger should develop a social media strategy so that the target audience will be interested in reading that will ultimately attract a following.

Choose A Topic From The FAQ Section

FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions which the viewers repeatedly ask or search those topics to know more about the same. Bloggers can choose FAQs either from your company website or from YouTube. This way, amateur bloggers can expand one question and topic and post a blog. This serves as a great source of content ideas.

content ideas for blogging

Also, look at your competitor’s website. See what queries they are receiving and make sure you provide content. Again, it can be a good content strategy to follow.

Choose Topics From Your Site That Are Popular

Another great approach to developing a great content strategy and idea is to choose a topic from your website, even if they are a few years old. Then, you can either update the same blogs with the help of SEO by adding a few more content to the same article. Or completely revamp it with a video, add more images to the blogs with a new twist.

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Google Related Searches

Look at the bottom of the search results pages for similar queries that will help you figure out what you should include in your content.

blog post ideas for amateurs

Pick A Topic and Add More Depth To It

With blogs covering such a wide range of topics, finding a well-known issue and writing about it in detail is a terrific way to build a name for yourself. Write nuanced articles that allow readers to pursue their curiosity rather than surface-level introductions. This is also a fantastic approach to hone one’s writing skills in a particular area. For example, how to improve productivity and efficiency with WFH jobs?


The key to generating and coming up with constant content ideas is to realize what your target audience needs and what you as a writer are capable of. It’s not necessary to attempt to be original all of the time to be creative. It’s all about taking something everyone else is looking at and putting it in your unique spin. Like all other forms of creative expression, Blogging is based on that premise. Still, it also needs a certain amount of discipline, which may facilitate by using the idea-generating techniques discussed in this post.

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