Most Helpful Content Marketing Tools For The Best Results in 2021

5 Amazing and Easy-to-use Content Marketing Tools on the Internet – 2021

Content marketing has now become the essence of digital marketing, and with its boom, it has become necessary for all businesses and organizations to practice the best possible content marketing strategies. Although you can always buy these services if you want to try them on your own I have a list of the best 5 content marketing tools that make it easier to execute these strategies and market your content.

Ahrefs – SEO Tool

Ahrefs SEO Tool

This is a tool that is going to help you with your overall SEO strategy. You can use it to find keywords, content references, track your ranking, and also measure your site’s performance. Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help you rank your content on search engines, measure your ranking, find your shortcomings and help you improve them. I advise you to use this amazing tool for all your SEO needs and market your content organically.

Canva and Photoshop – Design Tools

Canva Design Tool

Canva is an amazing and mostly free tool that you can use to design almost everything your need for your website. Right from social media posts to content images, blog feature images, and much more. You can also use Adobe photoshop which has much more advanced features. However, in the case of Adobe Photoshop, you might have to have a little technical training, as opposed to Canva which is much easier to use. Use these images on your websites to enhance the user’s experience and to increase your ranking on search engines and Google images. As we all know the look and feel is the most important aspect of content marketing.

Mailchimp – Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp is a very good tool for email marketing. Email marketing tools are still one of the best and most responsive ways to generate engagement and responses and an important content marketing tool. Mailchimp provides you with several services like building email lists and tracking them, monitor click rates, Email templates, and much more. This can generate great amounts of revenue for your website or brand. Believe me, I still check all of my emails, and I’m waiting for yours.

Semrush – Content Marketing Tool

Semrush Content Marketing Tool

SEMrush is another brilliant content marketing tool that can help you with several aspects of your content marketing plans. It is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that will provide unique keywords that are easy to rank on. These keywords have very low to no competition, so it’s easier to rank. It also helps you find out what keywords your competitors are organically ranking on. This is a very helpful overall tool for all aspects of content marketing.

Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram – Digital Advertising Tools

Google Adwords Tool

Digital advertising is the best way to market your content online. So many companies are now using digital ads to promote themselves. With the help of Google Adwords, you can have your ads on the top of the search list by bidding on relevant keywords and select your ad plan like PPC or CPM, et cetera. You can also use Facebook and Instagram to launch your ads as per your target audience. These apps have features to select your audience’s locality, interests, age groups, et cetera to make sure your ads reach the right audience.

There we are, now you know about all the great tools to help you with all aspects of content marketing. There are also some great digital marketing organizations like Promodome. They help you market your content organically with brilliant digital marketing experts. To know about the services used in content marketing you can check this blog and grow your content organically.

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Ashutosh Dhanraj