What Is Above The Fold Content? And Why Is It Important?

What Is Above The Fold Content? And Why Is It Important?

Wondering what the term ‘Above the fold’ means in the realm of digital marketing? You must have come across this term multiple times when optimizing your business’s website. It can make or break the user’s engagement on your website. Read this article till the end to know everything about ‘above the fold’ content and why you should focus on this crucial section.

What Is Above The Fold Meaning?

Above the fold refers to the visible part of a web page that appears before the user first scrolls down. It varies according to the screen sizes of different devices on which the website is being opened. The part where you have to scroll down constitutes below-the-fold content. This term comes from newspaper publishing houses where the newspapers are folded in half and displayed on stands. It involved placing the most attention-grabbing elements above the fold.

Why Is Above The Fold Content Important?

ATF Content optimization

The reader’s attention span is decreasing day by day. So, if you want to have a striking impact on your website visitors and turn them into paying customers, you cannot ignore the significance of ‘Above the fold’ content. Here’s a few compelling reasons:

  • Above the fold content forms the first point of interaction for your users. If they don’t immediately find the answer to their query or fail to see certain website features they’d expect, they might immediately exit your website page.
  • This activity can harm your website’s SEO performance and decrease organic website visitors.
  • Besides, search engines consider content appearing near the top before the first scroll important since they want users to have a positive experience as soon as they land on a page.
  • The content that you place in above the fold section can directly impact your business goals and increase your bottomline conversions.
  • It is particularly useful for placing ads in strategic locations in above the fold section that seem more visible to the user and lead to higher conversion rates.
  • That is why it is significant that your visual and written content should be in sync with your target audience’s needs.

Best Practices for Above The Fold Website Design

When you are trying to optimize your business website for higher conversions, implement these above the fold practices for best results.

1. Simple Design is the Key

Simplicity is the key to optimizing the website for maximum conversions. Remember that above the fold is the first point of user interaction. So, keep your website’s design simple and sleek so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. An ideal method is to include a multimedia or featured image accompanied by a short headline that describes what your web page is about.

2. High Priority to Content Usability

Suppose you are working to create above the fold content for a product web page and wish to include a video as your multi-media file. Ensure that the page loads correctly, and the video plays soon. You can also include subtitles to eliminate any confusion for the user. Moreover, think about the user experience. Is it elevating the user experience or just making them feel like they have landed on another promotional site?

3. Help the Reader Solve their Challenge

The content placed in this crucial section must be crafted so well that it solves a particular challenge for the user. For example, your website is about email marketing software. As soon a user lands on your page, they must see words like ‘automated email marketing software for professionals‘. Expand on this headline in the supporting text. The visuals must also paint a vivid picture of the email marketing tool in the user’s mind.

4. Keep the Content Super Engaging

Sure, you can grab your users’ attention with above the fold content. But what after that? Make use of every opportunity to delight them with your content. Yes it should definitely help your user solve their burning challenge, but in an engaging way. For example, you can modify the CTA button and use ‘Excited to get started‘ instead of ‘learn more.‘ Every word that you place in this section should align with your brand voice.

5. A/B Testing of Above the Fold Content

How do you decide which page design is the best? Simple. A/B testing. It involves an experiment that allows marketers and businesses to test different versions of their ATF content. The A/B testing can also be extended to Website copy, Web pages, Email campaigns, etc. It helps you optimize conversions and reduce bounce rates considerably.

Benefits of ATF Optimization for Web Page

You can gain the following benefits by focusing your effort on Web page ATF optimization.

  • Increase user engagement and conversion rate right away.
  • Strengthen your brand voice and brand visuals.
  • Deliver massive value to your target audience
  • Separate yourself from your competitors by showing the user what you can do for them rather than just selling your product.


Now, you are well versed in the tactics of optimizing your web page for above the fold content. If it seems like too many details, you can always get help from a professional digital marketing agency. They have experience in designing ATF content for a variety of industry verticals and know the nuances of increasing conversion rates of your webpage. Implement the strategies discussed above and witness a rise in your conversion numbers.

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