Online Paraphrasing tools: Are they Affecting the Development of a Writer?

Are Online Paraphrasing tools affecting the development of a writer?

Due to the abundance of raw data, it is unusual that someone comes up with something unique. Hence Many people simply use online paraphrasing tools to write others viewpoints only to claim it as their own.

Many writers simply paraphrase other writers’ work and make it their own.

This technique of writing has gained popularity in a variety of professions. As a result, we will discuss the adverse effects of these online paraphrasing tools on writers.

What are the disadvantages of Using Online Paraphrasing Tools?

Paraphrasing ToolsSome paraphrasing tools are not available for free

Depending on the technology, some paraphrase services are not free and might cost hundreds of dollars if you wish to generate most of the text yourself.

Not reader-friendly

You can’t rely on the tools as the results offered by a paraphrasing tool are not all reliable. When it comes to generating reader-friendly content, the majority of the tools available online have a terrible reputation.

Do not support proofreading

Some internet paraphrasing tools lack proofreading capabilities, which is a severe drawback. In addition, you cannot check newly written material for human errors or plagiarism; therefore, you have to rely on third-party tools, which is another time-consuming process.

If you utilize the paraphrase generator, you will have to proofread the content manually, which will take time. Besides, you will have to check for reorganizing the entire paragraphs on your own, which again is time-consuming.


The human eye may discover the information generated by the paraphrasing tool if it is not done adequately. It is possible to lower the quality of a piece of work by spinning the same data repeatedly!

Loss of creativity

Once a writer understands how to paraphrase text to make his work stand out, he will never struggle to be innovative in his career. Instead, he will look out for someone’s point of view on the internet and repeat it.

As a result of having access to many paraphrase tools, we have lost creativity in writing. Similarly, technology has made the writers boring and lazy, knowing that everything will be done by technology.


Online Paraphrasing tools save your time and create content, but these are the disadvantages of using them. Hence you need to be careful while using one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is paraphrasing tool plagiarising?

Ans. If the words you use are too close to the original words, it is plagiarised even if you cite the source. But if you used the authors’ ideas in your own words, then paraphrasing is not plagiarised.

Q2. Is online paraphrasing safe?

Ans. The basic idea behind paraphrasing is to avoid plagiarism. If you are going to make tons of changes to your blog manually, you need to check everything minutely. But If you use a paraphrasing tool, you will avoid many errors.

Q3. Why is paraphrasing important?

Ans. Paraphrasing is essential to show that you have understood the context and write the concept in your own words.

Q4. When can paraphrasing be used?

Ans. Paraphrasing acts as an alternative for writing short phrases and sentences.

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