Types of Digital Marketing: Ads To Grow Your Brand

Types of Digital Marketing: Ads To Grow Your Brand

There are different types of Digital Marketing Ads have taken over most of the advertising world as of today. We have now become so reliant on digital marketing ads that, as a brand. If you don’t exist online, you don’t exist at all. And hence, we want to tell you all about the different types of Digital marketing ads that you can use based on your business model.

Types of Digital Marketing

Display Advertising

Digital Marketing Ads

Display ads are found on several content-based websites. It refers to placing banner ads on websites and pages that allow advertising. This can be done with Google Display Network or other Demand-Side Platforms(DSP). These Digital marketing banner ads can be images or videos and are mostly used for their visual appeal and to catch the attention of the users and redirect them to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Ads


Do you remember when you last searched something on Google or any other search engine? A lot of the time the first search result has a small text by it that says, “Ads”. Well, that’s exactly what PPC Search Engine Ads are. With the help of platforms like Google Ads, you can purchase certain keywords and demographics. To make sure your advertisements show up on the top of the search results. Why they are called PPC ads is because when they show up on the search results. A small amount is deducted from your Ads account every time a user clicks on it to land on your website. These ads are pretty helpful when it comes to beating your competition and have a higher conversion rate than display ads due to the relevancy factor.

Mobile App Advertisements

Digital Marketing AdsA number of mobile applications offer ad spaces for relevant brands. To promote their products and services to their target audience. In today’s market, mobile advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, and with the increasing number of mobile users, it is the right place to advertise your products.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting AdsThese ads are the same as display advertising. Only the factor that decides who is going to see the ads changes. Retargeting ads are specially created as a retargeting strategy to reach the users that have previously interacted with the brand in some or another way. Therefore these ads use cookies to track the user’s visits and present them with the ads in an attempt to drive conversions.

Video Advertising

Digital Marketing Ads

The biggest example we can give you of Video Advertising is YouTube. Every day the 774 million active YouTube users play millions of videos and along with that the video ads. However, YouTube isn’t the only platform where you can have your video ads played. It’s just the one that is most commonly used by advertisers. Basically, all ads that include videos to appeal to their audience are a part of video advertising and when used efficiently they can help a brand appeal to a large audience.

Audio Advertising

Audio Advertising

Listening to Spotify, as I walk by through the crowded streets. Unsure of what song is going to play next, I listen to an advertisement. Well, that is exactly what Audio ads are. These ads are placed over various music and podcast-based websites and applications. Some of the platforms where these audio ads are most frequently used are Spotify, YouTube Music, Et cetera. Brands can place their ads on these platforms with the help of Spotify Ad Studio and Google Ads.

Social Media Advertising

Digital Marketing Ads

Hence our dearly beloved social media has not only been the best invention to enhance our social lives but also a great one for business and advertising. With over 2.5 billion users all over the world, social media platforms. Facebook offer some of the most effective and inexpensive ways to advertise your products. With digital marketing Facebook ads, you can reach your target audience precisely and track your goals. However, today we have several social media platforms that fulfill various purposes, to clearly understand the various social media platforms you can use to reach your audience.

Now that you know the Types of Digital Marketing ads. You can use to advertise your products and services across various platforms. It is time to select the most appropriate digital marketing ads and boost your business. However, at times it is difficult to determine the most optimum ads and you can’t always shoot all ads at once. Hence, there are some brilliant digital marketing agencies that can help you grow your business effectively and for the best prices.


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