SEO Backlinks: Why Is It Important & How To Get Free Backlinks?

SEO Backlinks play an essential role in the Search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm. Google and the other search engines consider backlinks as votes for your webpage. If you want your website to soar higher on the search engines, backlinks will prove to be the strong ladder that will help you get on the top! Here is a detailed overview of SEO backlinks and some tips on how to build backlinks.

What are SEO Backlinks?

SEO Backlinks simply are links from one website to another website. Search engines like Google consider backlinks as votes for a specific page. Therefore, pages that receive a high number of backlinks tend to obtain high organic search engine rankings. Why are backlinks considered to be so substantial?

When Google or other search engines receive a backlink of your webpage from another website, it considers your website to be of great significance.

What is the importance of Backlinks?

Link buildingImproves Page rank

If SEO link building is done correctly and linked from reputable and relevant sites, it will prove to be one of the most beneficial tactics to increase the ranking of your website.

Improves blog authority in Google eyes

Search engines like Google usually rank your website according to the relevance of your content to the relevant content that you are linking. Hence it would help if you linked to sites that speak about what you are. Don’t link to random sites that have nothing to do with your content if you publish content. The quality and quantity of backlinks help your website in ranking.

Content ranks higher for multiple keywords

If your content includes many links, then the search engine knows that you have a lot of relevant information on your website. Hence, there are possibilities that your content can get ranked for multiple keywords.

A higher page rank attracts advertisers

If you want to promote your products, you will advertise your products on the website that many users read. Hence, the pages that are ranking high tend to get

Tips To Get Free Backlinks

free backlinksAnalyze your backlinks currently

Is your website new? Once your website is all set with link building then in the upcoming months or before that (if your website is actively promoted), you will start getting backlinks on your website. The best way to increase backlinks for your website is to ask for backlinks from the websites that have already been received. You can write emails to the website owners or editors. You can also write to them to thank them for the previous backlink and then request a new one!

Request backlinks from your friends

While asking for backlinks from your friends you need to bear in mind to request backlinks only from relevant websites. Also, instead of asking for backlinks for some specific product page, you can request backlinks for your homepage.

Reach out to publications and websites

Who doesn’t want backlinks from The Times? The large publications are general and not narrowed to your specific niche. Hence, you need to reach out to other publication houses.

Firstly, you need to search for publication houses on Google.

Next, you need to research the list of publication houses you have shortlisted from Google.

Finally, you can reach out to these publication houses or websites for backlinks by sending requests via mail.

Recycle your content

Creating content is tough but imagine you get three backlinks from the same content! You can recycle your content to get backlinks from various sites.

Write a famous blog that attracts a lot of backlinks. Once that is done you can write a related piece of content for another platform or website.

You can also create a YouTube video and highlight the main points in the blog in the video. 

Now you can share the YouTube video and the original blog over your social media platform. 

Write high-value Comments on websites

How will writing comments on the websites help in building backlinks? If you comment with a goal to build a relationship with the website owner then definitely there are chances of getting backlinks. Do not add comments like “nice post.” You can talk about 1-2 concepts in the content in-depth. Or you can also ask a question to clarify your queries related to the content.

You can also leave relevant URLs in your comments. It is not necessary that the owner will follow the link that you have left. Use Google search to find relevant websites where you can comment and earn the chance to win a free backlink.

What To Avoid When Building Backlinks?

Learning and implementing the strategies of how to build backlinks is a time and effort intensive task. One wrong backlink and your website can be penalized by Google thus affecting its ranking. Remember the following tips when building backlinks for your website.

1. Avoid Paid backlinks

Stay away from links obtained in exchange for money, goods, or other services. Paid backlinks are low-quality links and can put your website in danger.

2. Avoid PBNs

Private Blog Networks(PBNs) are a group of websites created only for the purpose of building backlinks. Google algorithm are smart enough to detect such tactics and can derank websites that use these strategies.

3. Overusing Anchor Text With Exact Matches

Overusing the anchor text that is an exact match of the target keyword can seem manipulative to search engines and it disrupts the natural flow of the content.

4. Avoid Excessive Link Exchanges

Google appreciates Reciprocal linking to a certain extent. Reciprocal linking involves two websites linking to each other based on mutual consent(I link to you, you link to me). However, excessive link exchanges can raise red flags in building high quality backlinks.


SEO backlinks definitely play a vital role for Search Engine Optimization Algo! If you want to stay up on the ranking page on the search engines then you need to know how to build backlinks. Use the above-mentioned tips to earn free backlinks for your website today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a backlink in SEO?

Ans. Links from one website to another website are known as SEO backlinking.

Q2. Are backlinks important for SEO?

Ans. Backlinks are important for SEO because they signal to Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to it within their own content. 

Q3. What is off-page SEO?

Ans. Off-page SEO refers to actions taken out of your website to impact your website ranking within search engine results pages (SERPs).

Q4. How can I get free backlinks?

Ans. 1. Analyze your backlinks currently

2. Request backlinks from your friends

3. Reach out to publications and websites

4. Repurpose your content

5. Write high-value Comment on websites



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