What is Black Hat SEO And Why Do You Need To Avoid It?

Black Hat SEO-Everything You Need To Know!

Have you heard about the term – Black Hat SEO? If the answer is no, you have come to the right page. There are many illegal ways to boost a business’s presence on Google, but they require time and effort. While some people abide by the white hat SEO methods, few choose to run at their own pace. These people, mainly known as computer hackers and fraud domain holders, use black hat SEO to lure audiences into stealing their information and gaining profit. So without any more delay, let’s understand everything you need to know about this illegal activity and how you can stay out of it!

What Is Black Hat SEO?

What Is Black Hat SEO

Search engines are programmed to promote blogs and pages that hold the utmost value amongst the lot. An SEO writer will infuse keywords in their blog properly, while a black hat writer will use a practice against the search engine guidelines. Here is a list of black hat techniques that are commonly used.

  • Stuffing.
  • Cloaking.
  • Private link networks.

Whenever you are dealing with SEO, you need to make sure that you abide by the list of rules and regulations placed by them. These rules are set for a user-friendly experience and ensure a safe environment. Now, are you curious about knowing some of the methods incorporated in black hat SEO? If yes, read on to learn more.

Article spinning

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Well, we are sure you must have heard this one. Article spinning is an approach that includes using duplicate content. In other words, it is plagiarism, but much more advanced. Spammers achieve this by modifying the original text by adding words like ” brand new” or “top.”


The term cloaking might sound confusing at the very first glance. But there is no need to worry. Let’s understand in simple words. A hacker will add diffrent links for a user and another for the crawlers. Hence, cloaking is a black hat SEO technique that involves presenting a different URL to the user and the search engine spider. If you plan to infuse these black hat SEO tactics, we recommend you think twice. Why? We will discuss that later in the blog.

Keyword stuffing

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In the black hat SEO world, keyword stuffing attains the top position. The reason being this is the easiest one to understand and implement. The process includes repetitively using a keyword to gain ranking on SERPs. While this for once can help you increase your organic traffic and page visibility, it can take you downhill for a fun ride if this malpractice is detected. If you want to cross-check if your article includes keyword-stuffing, be sure to checkout website optimization grader.

The white text

No, this is not similar to white hat SEO. It is a cunning idea that helps hackers rank their pages by fooling the crawlers. These texts are not visible to the human eye but can be read by the Google spider. How do they do this? It is simple. They write a white text and add it on a white background. Hence, the crawler can read it and index it easily, while you have no idea about that keyword.

Doorways- the black hat SEO expert.

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Source:- https://purposebuiltsoftware.com/makes-modern-business-successful/#content_upgrade_popup_355

Doorways are just gateways that are optimized concerning the keywords. This helps to rank on the Google search page on the particular query. You might click on your query result, and the next thing you see is a related spam website. In short, it transfers a user from one page to another, which is not valid for their query.

What Are Some Black Hat SEO Examples?

Many cases include adapting to illegal search engine optimization techniques. Some of them include J.C Penny’s black hat links and Groupon’s bait and switch. Forbes also made rounds around the news asking for help with link violation notices. Well, it turned out that a person was faking their identity as a Forbes worker and planned the whole thing to build a fake link.

Should you avoid black hat SEO?

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Black hat SEO is not yet illegal to make things a little transparent. But it still consists of ways that talk against the rules laid down by the webmaster. The result is that when you include a black hat technique on your page, you will receive a heavy penalty. While black hat SEO and white hat SEO has a constant tug of war going on, we will strongly recommend staying in the lines by following the rules.

The spiders of Google are smart enough to catch any misplacements with the wordings and keywords, so it’s better to stay away from the same. There is something called grey hat SEO other than white and black hat rules. While this method is not illegal as they involve some shady black hat methods, there are chances that this might get banned shortly.

Is there any method to avoid black hat SEO?

Absolutely yes! There are many ways to keep these approaches at bay. Follow the below-listed list to know more!

  • Write down excellent quality content.
  • Make sure that the content is appropriately seo optimized.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. You can also look at Google’s content guidelines to better understand.
  • Avoid a private blog network to get links to your page at all costs.
  • Always keep an eye on the webmaster to avoid black hat tactics for good.


We hope that with the above information on the black hat SEO, you can now do your best to avoid indulging with them. That being said, it’s always a good idea to build organic traffic as they will stay with you for a more extended period. Till next time, then!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1 Why shouldn’t you use a black hat?

It consists of ways that talk against the rules laid down by the webmaster. The result is that when you include a black hat technique on your page, you will receive a heavy penalty.

Ques.2 What is Blue Hat SEO?

The blue hat is majorly focused on studying advanced Internet marketing and search engine optimization tips and tricks. Hence this kind of SEO handles the advanced knowledge of both Black Hat and White Hat SEO.

Ques.3 What is a black hat about?

Some people are mainly known as computer hackers and fraud domain holders, who use black hat SEO to lure audiences into stealing their information and gaining profit. They use this SEO to rank on google in a manner that violates the set of rules set by the webmaster.

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