Social Media Star Siddharth Shukla passes away at 40

Social Media Star Sidharth Shukla passes away

Social media star Sidharth Shukla passes away at the age of 40.

This is heartbreaking how a brilliant actor like him went away so soon. Not to forget, he was a trending TV star, Reality show BigBoss 13 winner, who also featured in various movies, shared the screen with Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan in “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya.”

His social media presence was absolutely charming; he was one of the most beloved actors on TV and social media, with a trending #Sidnaaz. Sidharth Shukla was rumored to be dating Shehnaaz Gill, a Bigboss 13 contestant. We wished to see more of #Sidnaaz on social media, we loved their pair. We understand what the family must be going through and how his good friend or alleged girlfriend, Shehnaaz Gill, handles this terrible reality. Our heartfelt condolences to them.

Sidharth Shukla wasn’t just a TV or a Screen star, he was a social media sensation as well. His social media presence was loved by the audience. The news of his death has created a buzz on the internet. But we will always remember him for the good things he did and the excellent actor he was.

Many Tv actors, just like our digital star Sidharth Shukla, are now trending on social media because they understand how important digital presence is. So let’s learn about those actors and their digital marketing journey, but first, let’s get you acquainted with the reality and importance of social media to have a huge fan following.

Social Media Star Sidharth Shukla Knew The Importance Of Digital Presence And So Should You!

We have surpassed the time where convincing people about the increasing importance of digital marketing was a daily task. Digital marketing is an essential requirement for businesses and personal brands alike. 

Whether you want to buy a new smartphone, research the unusual symptoms you are having or cast a new face for your new show, the first thing you do is Google it. 

Hence, having a strong online presence is integral to survive in this cut-throat digital age.

But thats not news to you, is it?

However, you don’t know that building a solid online presence isn’t as simple as it once was. Like any booming industry, the digital marketing space has quickly grown saturated in the last few years. 

Hence, you must have expert professionals to help you build a strong digital presence to achieve your business and personal goals, whether awareness, sales, or bagging a promising role in a movie.

It would be best if you built a brand online. Period. A few posts on social media won’t cut it; you need a strategized digital marketing plan to survive in this era. From small businesses to actors and musicians, everyone needs to take this seriously.

Along with our social media star Sidharth Shukla with a popular Instagram name as #Sidnaaz, other actors also tried their hands-on social media marketing and promoting themselves. Let’s look into their journey and how far they have come through Social Media promotion.

Actors Who hold strong Digital Presence

With the revolutionary advent of Social media, your social media presence is all the portfolio casting directors and producers need nowadays. 

Being an actor is no longer sufficient; you also need to be an influencer for success and recognition in today’s industry. Along with your talent, producers want to see the number of followers your social media belt carries. 

The digital space has opened the field for everyone. Stars like Prajakta Kohli(mismatched) and Mithila Palkar(little things) embody the superpower of social media and digital marketing in fast-tracking one’s career. 

1) Siddharth Shukla 

The Balika Vadhu star became a household name in shows like “Dil Se Dil tak” and “Sasural simar ka.” After that, he went from being just a tv star to featuring in a Karan johar movie.

Even then, he had to level up his social media game because if you are not where your audience is, you are nowhere. 

Success breeds success; Our social media star Sidharth Shukla became the heartthrob of the new generation, Fans couldn’t get enough of him. From Biggboss to the OTT series, he was everywhere, and yet people wanted more.

sidharth shukla

Thats the real power of social media; you are everywhere, still not enough. 

As a result, #Sidnaaz kept trending even after Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill starred together in several music videos and reality shows.

2)Mithila Palkar

From the simple ‘cup song” to sharing the screen with leading ladies of Bollywood, Mithila Palkar’s journey to fame is nothing short of a fairy tale. Social media being the fairy godmother. 

Social media sensation mithila palkar

The little things actress comes from a humble background and would never have made it to our screens if it wasn’t for social media’s magic and OTT content’s rise.

3)Sumeet Vyaas

For years, Sumeet Vyas worked in films and television, but he shot to fame for his charming roles in OTT shows like Permanent Roommates” and “Tripling.”

OTT star Sumeet vyas

His success in the OTT space led him to be cast opposite Kareena Kapoor Khan in Veere di wedding. In an industry thats infamous for nepotism, bagging a role alongside an actress like

Kareena Kapoor is a testament to the force we call Social media. 

4)Vikrant Massey

If you know who that is, I have already proven my point. A tv actor performing supporting roles is now churning our blockbuster successes on a roll. How did that happen? 

What did he do right that others are missing out on?

A robust online presence. It’s as simple as that. 

Vikrant Massey


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Our Social media star Sidharth Shukla will always be missed, we will miss his heart-throbbing pictures and posts on his Instagram and fans going crazy over their popular and peppy #Sidnaaz, which is a blend of Sidharth and Shehnaaz. Our warm condolences to his family and friends; this is a loss that won’t be recouped.

Social Media is the greatest king maker today, Don’t take your social media marketing lightly. A right digital marketing strategy coupled with strong social media engagement is the only path to success in this digital world.

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