Top Digital Marketing Tools to create marketing strategy in 2021

5 Amazing Digital Marketing Tools For All Aspects of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the whole and soul of all business today. Not existing on the internet is almost similar to not existing at all. All businesses are now using digital marketing strategies to enhance their customer engagements, brand awareness, and potential customers. And therefore, I am now going to tell you the best digital marketing tools you can use to effectively execute your strategies.


Optimonk Digital Marketing Tool

Optimonk is a brilliant tool to enhance your website’s customer experience and getting the user to stay for longer. Before all digital marketing activities, it is most important to make your website attention-grabbing. So, with Optimonk you can create several personalized pop-ups based on the customers’ behavior. The digital tool also provides several templates based on user experience and the website’s end goal. I recommend you use this amazing tool to enhance your website’s lead capturing rate.


Ahrefs SEO Tool

Well, now that we’ve made the website beautiful. It’s time to attract more organic traffic to your website. How will you do that? Well, SEO. Ahrefs is the best Search Engine Optimization Tools on the market. It helps you decide the best keywords you can use on your website. You can explore new content, its ranking level, and also find out the content your competitors are ranking for. Ahrefs is a must if your organization is based on content marketing.

Adobe Photoshop and Canva

Canva Design Marketing Tool

So now that we have optimized your website and boosted the content, you need to work on the visuals. Graphic Design is the most important part of the website. And thus, with the amazing templates offered by Canva even with no graphic design skills, anyone can do wonders for all their digital marketing platforms. Even with a little knowledge of photoshop, the combination of Adobe Photoshop and Canva will do great for your visuals. This can greatly contribute to setting an aesthetic for your social media pages.


Loomly Digital Marketing Tool

Loomly is an amazing digital marketing tool to plan your social media pages, content calendars, and scheduling your content. The tool also helps you with the latest trends to plan your social media content as per the current trends and viral hashtags. Your social media team would be glad to work with this tool and generate brilliant results.


MailChimp Email Marketing Tool

Well, Email marketing is the best digital marketing strategy you can adopt for your organization. Mailchimp is a much-needed email marketing app to boost your brand’s awareness and lead generation. It provides several features to schedule your emails, manage the creatives, and also helps you analyze your performance.



This is another great tool that helps you manage your social media posting. You can post on several social media pages at once, schedule and automate your posts, also find social media trends on Hootsuite. This is an absolutely free and efficient tool to help you with your social media campaigns.

Here we are, we now have great tools to cover all aspects of our digital marketing plan. I want you to pledge to me, to use all these apps and make your life and marketing campaign simpler. I hope I come across your Instagram post sometime that you posted from Hootsuite on my suggestion. For details on some amazing Digital Marketing courses by Google check this out.


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Ashutosh Dhanraj