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Future of AI in Digital Marketing

The future of AI in digital marketing is brighter than Katrina and Vicky Kaushal’s social media images.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world several industries at a time. From self-driving cars to a chattering box that can control all your house appliances, AI has quietly sneaked into our home, literally.

The role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is a fascinating topic especially when new developments are spurring every day. The power of AI allows incredible new opportunities to bud in the digital marketing space.

The use of AI in digital marketing strategies is growing as can help you deliver improved customer experiences. More than that, it can save an incredible amount of both time and money.

Here are some of the biggest AI-related digital marketing trends taking place.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

So the version that I use to explain to my niece is that it’s the machines learning to learn the way humans do.

Artificial intelligence empowers machines to think, respond to, and do tasks just like humans. It helps machines learn from experience and update their old data based on newly acquired knowledge. It’s like an updated version of the human brain in a way.

The basic principle of AI today is automating the learning and decision-making process to create knowledge/insights that help to improve performance.

And marketing is one facet where it has phenomenal potential!

Future of AI in Digital Marketing

Voice Search is transforming the way we do SEO

Hey Siri, please don’t take over my job!

More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers which sheds light on why the hands-free way of data input while on the move has risen. (Covid has any way got us habituated with the no-hands lifestyle )

AI is mastering the art of understanding human speech, which has made the process of voice search more convenient.

You can just ask your phone a question as you would to a friend, isn’t that the dream? Not if you actually had friends growing up, then we are not the same!

The accuracy with which these algorithms understand human speech is so brilliant it’s almost frightening. Digital marketers and SEO experts need to optimize their content for voice search if they don’t want to miss out on the massive audience that has already pivoted to voice search completely.

Almost 60% of consumers have used voice search to find business information in the last year. Thats a big percentage for a fairly recent technology. Wouldn’t you say? And it’s only going to increase from here.

future of ai in digital marketing

Virtual Reality is shaping the e-commerce industry

Have you tried the try-on feature of Lenskart?

Surreal! Thats how this marriage between augmented reality and marketing feels like. But what comes out of this amazing collaboration?

An incredible consumer experience.

The only edge brick-mortar shops had over online shopping was the inability to try on the products. With augmented reality, offline shopping has lost its biggest USP. This magnificent technology allows the user to virtually try on dresses, place furniture pieces in your house, or try the new paint on their walls, literally.

Many brands have hopped on this trend to elevate their e-commerce marketing strategy and the ones that haven’t adopted AR/VR yet will soon be forced to dive right in or be left behind.

Chatbots are the undeniable future

Chatbots are another great tool that we have received from magical machine learning technology.

Consumers have become used to chatbots and are already very comfortable talking to them.

But what’s unexpected is that these chatbots are now becoming so sophisticated that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from a real human. In fact, two-thirds of customers don’t know that they’re already interacting with AI tools. It’s true, we didn’t make up the numbers!

Facebook was forced to close an experimental chatbot project recently after the bots started creating their own unique language. Real-life space odyssey feels?

future of ai in digital marketing

Many companies are developing chatbot technology so we’ll continue to see advances soon. It won’t be long before chatbots are standard and expected on every website and app. Companies and digital marketers who aren’t using them yet should take note so they don’t fall behind.

AI-driven content marketing

Artificial Intelligence is developing the ability to take care of the entire content generation process. It can create copies and images specific to each consumer based on their past activity.

AI will also be useful for identifying what stage of the buying process a customer is at. If it detects that they are “shopping around” – comparing products and services that are available – it can serve content designed to differentiate your product or service from those of competitors. If it detects that they are ready to make a purchase, it can target them with promotions urging them to “act now” to take advantage of a limited-time offer.

AI will soon be the heart of digital marketing. It’s not about if anymore, but when.


Artificial Intelligence is the future of digital marketing, the sooner companies and digital marketers digest it, the better it would be for their businesses.

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