Why Marketing Campaigns Fail? (Top 5 Mistakes When Running PPC Ads)

The Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Running PPC Campaigns

If you are a business owner or a paid marketing professional, you will find this article resourceful for increasing ROI and achieving better results through your PPC ad campaigns. However, if you are unable to see the success you expect from your PPC campaigns, then you should investigate why marketing campaigns fail. This article highlights the top mistakes businesses and performance marketers make when running PPC campaigns and how you can avoid them.

It is a well-known fact among marketers that a pay-per-click campaign is one of the fastest ways to generate customers for your business. But, it can also waste your money if not implemented correctly. Lack of proper execution is the reason why marketing campaigns fail. In most cases, these are simple errors that can be fixed quickly and complement your advertising efforts.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

It is the tactic of using search engine advertising to display relevant ads in front of people based on specific keywords and targeting to promote your product. Running a PPC campaign is simple but not necessarily easy. You must understand these mistakes so that you can avoid them and don’t end up wasting your budget.

Top 5 Mistakes That Ruin PPC Ad Campaigns

Top PPC ad campaigns mistakes

Let’s look at the common mistakes that might plague your PPC campaign and how you could deal with them if you make one.

1. Failing To Use A Quality Landing Page

This is one of the most common mistakes when running a PPC campaign. Marketers spend a lot of their time creating campaign ads but neglect the quality and relevance of landing page content. Every campaign should have a unique landing page where its content resonates with the target audience.

2. Not Split Testing

When you perform sufficient split testing along with landing pages, you eliminate the guesswork of anticipating what would work and what won’t. Your data depicts what is working and guides your business decisions.

Even the best PPC advertisers need to split-test their ads and their respective landing pages to know what kind of ad will work best for the particular campaign. When done correctly, it can massively increase your conversion rates and help you get more potential customers to your website.

However, split testing for your PPC campaign is done best when you have the support of a PPC campaign management services firm. There are important nuances, like creating different ad sets for each ad variation, carefully grouping the different ads based on copy and ad creative, and quickly identifying the one that works. A PPC specialist pays careful attention to these aspects, targeting maximum ROI from the campaign.

3. Lack Of A Strategic Plan

Your PPC campaign might ruin badly if you don’t take the time to strategise the action plan. When you execute the campaign without knowing the finer details of your target audience, location, etc., you may waste your budget and not get potential customers. There is a reason why there is a high demand for Google PPC agency among businesses looking for consistent growth. Either you can spend some time training yourself with the best tips to practice and avoid mistakes. Or you can get an expert to handle your PPC campaign management.

4. Targeting Broad Keywords Initially

“Specificity is the key.” This is a typical quote you would hear from PPC marketers. The best-performing PPC campaigns get super specific about their target customer. It ensures a high conversion rate when visitors click through the landing page. We recommend thinking big but acting locally. Many firms commit the mistake of casting their net too broad to attract a rush of new clients via PPC campaigns.

Bidding on a targeted set of keywords is always cheaper, and the cost of acquiring a customer is also less. On the other hand, when you target broad keywords, you may place your PPC strategy in a competitive space and may not get the results that you are looking for.

The key is the ability to get laser sharp in your strategic plan and hyper-target your potential customer audience.

5. Inconsistent Tracking Of Ad Performance

An obvious mistake businesses make is setting the campaign and forgetting it. To get the best results from your campaign, it is important to keep tracking the ad performance at regular intervals and analyse the success metrics.

There are five key metrics that you should consider tracking.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition
  • Quality Score (for Google Adwords)

Failing to track these metrics can lead to spending a ton of money on your PPC campaign without generating any results. Consistent tracking ensures that you get a close idea of how your campaign is performing and understand if it is better than what you had anticipated.


If you have read till this point, you are well aware of why marketing campaigns fail.  Avoid the pitfalls stated above when running a PPC campaign. We have observed that most businesses and PPC marketers wreck their marketing campaigns by committing simple mistakes that can be easily avoided.

The consequence of such mistakes is that money is often lost, leads are not generated, and PPC campaigns get a bad reputation for gaining customers. Bookmark this article to avoid these mistakes in the future or to deal with them quickly if you have made one.

By having a sound strategic marketing plan, targeting the right keywords, and split testing with different landing pages while tracking the Ad performance, you can easily reach your target audience and be well on your way to a winning campaign. You can also know what is more effective for your business between a PPC ad campaign and SEO.

However, if you feel the nuances are overwhelming, you can always get the help of PPC campaign management services and achieve successful results with your campaign.

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