Five Ways To Prepare the Perfect Digital Marketing Resume in 2021

5 Tips to Prepare the Best Digital Marketing Resume in 2021

With the dawn of the internet, the digital marketing industry is booming. And with that is booming the amount of human resource required to facilitate the industry. One of the industries today with the most jobs is digital marketing. And therefore I’m here with the top tips on preparing the best digital marketing resume.

1. Start with a summary

Personal Summary

As weird as it sounds it’s always a good idea to start with a short summary about yourself, your objectives, basic skills, and the amount of previous experience. However, It’s not a big deal if you don’t have any. SO writing a compelling resume summary or introduction is the key to creating a first impression.

2. Professional Education and Digital Marketing courses(If Any)

Digital Marketing Courses

Next, you need to mention all about your professional education and the individual courses, diplomas, and degrees. There are several digital marketing online courses available on the internet for you. Google provides many digital marketing free courses in the various areas of digital marketing. Having a digital marketing online course in your resume is always helpful.

3. Digital Marketing Experience and Achievements

Digital Marketing Experience

On the next step to your perfect resume, you need to add all the digital marketing experience you’ve ever had and mention all your best achievements through your experience in digital marketing. The amount of organic traffic you have wooed, The number of accounts you have handled, and the things you learned from them. The better and more technical the experience the better.

4. Special Skills

Digital Marketing Skills

Next, you need to add all the special skills you possess that you think can be useful in digital marketing. Skills like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Google analytics are brilliant. You should also mention all the digital marketing software you are familiar with such as Ahrefs, Google Trends, Hootsuite, Et cetera. And then again the use of Microsoft Office is always needed everywhere.

5. Highlight Keywords as Per Job role

Digital Marketing Keyword

Now that we have finished the Resume it’s time to customize as per the job role you are applying for. Highlight keywords and skills you think would be best suited for the role you’re going for. Always edit the summary, experience, and conclusion as per the job role and organization. Highlighting essential keywords is important because it directly attracts the attention of the interviewer towards your best skills and experiences.

After finishing your resume, proofread it once and imagine yourself in the place of the interviewer. Would you hire you? If yes then go right ahead. There are several digital marketing online courses to enhance your experience as a digital marketing professional. The Digital marketing syllabus taught in these courses is very much aligned with the practical requirements of the digital marketing jobs. It is also advised to do a few internships to increase the experience in your digital marketing resume. To know more about some great Digital Marketing Courses by Google read this amazing blog. 

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Ashutosh Dhanraj