Free Tools To Check Backlinks In 2023: Latest Free Backlink Checker tools

Free Tools To Check Backlinks In 2023

Creating a website is easy, but maintaining its position on Google is challenging. Backlinks are essential in climbing the search engine’s ladder. Therefore, acquiring superior-quality backlinks for your website is on your mind, and that’s one of the reasons you are looking for a free backlink checker.

However, the days are gone when you depend on one specific tool to meet all your SEO requirements. Before we proceed with the list of free backlink checker tools, let us look further into why backlinks are checked.

Why Check Backlinks?

Backlinks are essential for building a relevant profile that focuses on ranking higher in Organic Google Search Results. Monitoring backlinks is crucial as they strongly indicate a site’s quality. When high authority web pages and sites are linked to your website, Google assumes that even your website has relevant content.

High authority, reputable links on your site improve the business’s visibility and the website’s ranking. Therefore, it is essential to check the website’s backlinks.

Understand The Link Profile

There are different types of backlinks, so it is essential to consider the following parameters: the number of visitors, the type of link, and content relevancy per the subject matter and products. Overall, how authoritative and trusted the site is makes it easier to recognize the source as credible, and the chances of achieving a higher search engine ranking and traffic also increase.

As the backlinks gain more exposure, the site’s organic traffic and online reputation on search engines increase.

Fix Obvious Backlinks Problems

There can sometimes be issues with backlinks having suboptimal anchor texts, which can drop the quality of the website. Sometimes, an outdated piece of content can be linked to your site, which can cause a problem. So, in such cases, it is essential to identify the problems associated with each backlink, reach out to teh site owners, and ask them to rectify and improve the site’s links.

Find New Link Building Opportunities

Backlinks are essential for a brand’s website. They improve the website’s quality and help establish it as authoritative within the brand’s niche. Backlinks are also essential for search engine algorithms because they significantly impact the site’s credibility, authority, and rankings. So, the higher the quality and quantity of the backlinks, the chances are that the web pages will rank higher in unpaid search results. This ultimately points out that the website is more trustworthy. Therefore, finding new link-building opportunities like identifying broken links, reaching out to competitor websites, guest blogging, etc, will help the site to improve visibility and relevancy.

Understand Competitor’s Secret

To improve a website’s backlink authority, it is essential to understand and do proper research on competitor websites to improve your brand’s domain authority score. By performing competitor and keyword analysis, it will be easier to understand and identify areas of improvement, as it is most likely that the competitors and your website are competing for the same keywords. As you identify the content gap and requirements, you can understand how to outrank the competitor’s site on the SERP.

List Of Free Backlink Checker Tool (Free & Paid)

backlink checker toolsHere’s a list of free backlink checkers that will provide an overview of the performance of the SEO backlinks on your site:


You don’t need to have the expertise to use the Semrush tool. Since search engine optimisation is a challenging process, this tool helps you observe the current trends in your industry. Semrush is a free backlink checker online that helps improve your page and evaluate the on-page SEO for your site. Here are some tools and report generators that Semrush possesses to have an immense understanding of your site’s performance:

  • Keyword research.
  • Link Building.
  • Tracking ranking.
  • On-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Competitors analysis.

You can try Semrush for free and then choose the best plan for you. Their pro plan costs $120 per month, guru plan for $230 per month. They also provide a customisable plan for business organisations that costs around $450 monthly.


The list of free backlink checker tools is incomplete without Ahrefs. It allows you to view the top 100 backlinks to any domain or web page. Making an account with the service will get you access to backlink analysis and an anchor text analysis of your website.

Ahrefs is a programme that may thoroughly examine the backlinks pointing to any domain or website. The Ahrefs backlink checker is renowned for displaying information like:

  • Providing the do-follow and no-follow list.
  • Domain rating for your site.
  • Current and removed backlinks.

Google Search Console

Backlinks are an SEO element that hasn’t altered much over the years. You can find the best backlink for your website by using free backlink checker tools.

The quantity and calibre of backlinks to a website or page are one of the most important search ranking factors. The best characteristics for gaining an advantage over your rivals in search engine optimisation are backlinks. You must therefore have access to the best free backlink tool like the Google Search Console. The backlink checker will assist you in:

  • Finding new chances for link building.
  • Learning about the link-building strategies of your competitors
  • Monitoring the development of your backlink profile.


A web-based SEO tool called Seobility helps to build stronger, more resilient websites. In each of Seobility’s three daily backlink inspections, a maximum of 400 backlinks can be seen at once. As a result, even though there are only a certain number of backlinks that are visible, only the finest ones are displayed when browsing the list. Each link also includes additional data, such as anchor texts, do-follow/no-follow traits, link types, and associated URLs.

The attributes of Seobility include:

  • At the top, there is a brief description of the backlink profiles, including domain rating, number of backlinks, best links, etc.
  • It is simple to manage material and conduct audits.
  • A user-friendly dashboard makes it possible to use backlink-checking tools.


Although Buzz Sumo is a paid service, it offers in-depth knowledge on who is linking to your rivals’ material, how that content performs as a result of those links, and which pages are shared most frequently. Not only can you uncover link chances, but you can also learn what kinds of content get the most links.

Links are crucial to your site’s success. Utilise the tools by BuzzSumo to monitor your own link profile and keep a close eye on your competitors’ websites to identify links that can help your site grow.


Not all tools on the list are free backlink checkers; some are paid. So you can use a combination of different tools that match your backlink research requirements. Hiring a digital agency is one of the easiest ways to get your SEO game on track. Most agencies have experts that offer a detailed analysis of your competitors and provide the right backlink strategies for your site needs.

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