How To Optimize Your Website With International SEO?

International SEO – A Guide On How To Optimize Site For Other Regions

SEO is a broader field than someone can imagine to their extent. So, you are certainly mistaken if you think you have mastered the art of SEO. International SEO is a whole different concept we have come across this time.

As you want to know how to optimize the site for other regions, we assume you already know what international SEO is. However, just for better understanding, we have explained what international SEO is for people new to this concept.

International SEO is optimizing your website to increase its visibility to SERP for different regions or countries you want to target.

Now, let’s break down the strategies to optimize your website with international SEO.

How To Optimize Your Website With International SEO?

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Following the local SEO strategies won’t work if you target people from different regions. You need to crack the code to optimize with int SEO to have constant growth. Here’s the ultimate guide!

1. Thorough Market Research Of Your Target Country

To start off with optimizing your website, you need to conduct thorough market research of your target country. For instance, if you have a clothing brand, you need to research whether your target country uses such fabric. The more you craft your brands focusing on your audience, the better the result. You can use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Google Ads to understand your competitors in a specific market.

2. Hire An International SEO If You Need

Hiring an international SEO will always be an optional tip for you, as whether you employ them or not, you will always benefit. First, the power you hold as an owner is that nobody knows your brand better than you. Hiring International SEO experts will be a cherry on top for your website.

3. Conduct Keyword Research for International SEO

In most cases, when someone switches their target audience, they also need to focus on the native language of the people. Translating keywords into their language and putting them into action isn’t enough. You need to transcreate them.

Even in translation, few words need to be used as it is in specific industries as they don’t require translation. However, the keywords are used differently in some industries, like law. For example, trial lawyers in the United States are barristers in the United Kingdom. Your keywords will also depend on the days of the events celebrated in different countries. For example, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in India and the United States.

4. Choose The Right International Domain Structure

Choosing the right international domain structure is essential for visitors and search engines to find it easily. Different domain structure options are mentioned in the examples below.

1. ccTLD: Country code top-level domains are the two-letter domains always assigned to specific countries, which are usually the acronyms of countries.

For example: myhealth.UK

2. gTLD: This domain extension has three or more characters. These are the most familiar domain authorities. Some of them are .com, .gov, and org.

For example:

3. ccTLD or gTLD with subdomains: You can create a site domain including ccTLD and gTLD structures.

For example:

4. ccTLD or gTLD with subdirectories: Subdirectories determine the location of the country code.

For example:


The right SEO strategies are the first step in making your brand stand out. This means you cannot use your local strategies or outdated tricks to optimize your website, especially in the case of audience redetermination. International SEO is what you need.

Going international requires lots of effort and time to understand the audience behavior you decided to target. From their native language to understanding the search intent and their preferences, everything is significant when you want to increase your website’s visibility to your new target audience.

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