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Guide to Optimizing your Website for Lead Generation

For companies and brands, leads are what keeps them going in the market. What are leads, you may ask? When a person is potentially interested in your company or brand, marketers call them as leads. Generating leads in the era of digital marketing has leveled up with new updates and strategies surfacing on a daily basis.

Let’s talk about Website Optimization

Let’s talk about Website Optimization

Your business has a good number of loyal customers and it’s running smoothly without lead generation. So what? How is Lead Generation a good idea? Well, in order to grow every business, the number of customers also needs to grow. And, the key to get those customers is simple. You need to market to potential customers first and seek their attention. That is how lead generation helps your business to grow.

The leads generated by this idea can be passed on to the sales team to convert them into buying customers. Generally, this process involves adding the leads to an email list for further nurturing. With the help of lead generation marketing data and advancing technologies, business intelligence software can also track your product demand and customer trends. Website Optimization plays an important role in lead generation.

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When a user visits your website, you will want your website to load faster to boost customer experience and for higher conversion rates. How do you do that, well here are a few ways that will help you optimize your website for better lead generation.

Lure them with forms

lure them with forms

Before going ahead, you should know where your website stands right now to know which areas need a lot of work and later compare the progress. Certain areas such as email marketing, social media, live chat, and blog posts can be great lead generators. Once you’ve identified your leads, make sure that the landing pages are optimized according to customer satisfaction. Linking your website with your social media handles will help users to be redirected to your page. Make sure to provide them with engaging information and details for redirection. You can add forms to those pages performing well through which your brand or business can access their information for higher leads. 

Measure the performance

measure the performance

As mentioned above, measuring your pages’ performance plays a vital role in boosting lead generation. Tools such as Nibbler, help you review your website’s performance and analyze its growth to understand where your website is lacking or performing its best. Using this information, you can optimize your landing pages and content. It also gives you an overview of how user-friendly your website is. While measuring your performance, keep an eye out for landing pages. Comparing landing pages will help you improve your website drastically. If one landing page is performing better than the other by bringing in more conversion rate, understand the dynamics behind it, and implement it in the least performing landing page accordingly.  

Optimize till you make it

optimize till you make it

Imagine a user searching for wood care tips and your blog post shows up. Now imagine the same blog post linked to an offer stating “selling your furniture.” There you just lost a lead. Always make sure your blog posts have the content the user is looking for and that the offers linked to it are related to the content. This will help keep the user engaged and will further convert into a lead by filling the form on your website. Many brands also engage in the A/B split test to know which one is performing better. According to the A/B split test, you can run two different versions of the same content to similar audiences and observe which performs better.

Before running this test on your landing page, test the following:


What makes your call to action buttons attractive? Your buttons should display a need for urgency and yet be clear and simple. Work on your website’s visuals using tools like Canva to create easy and quick images for free. 

Landing Pages

According to many surveys, landing pages are where the highest leads are generated. So make sure that your landing pages are optimized and user-friendly. The longer the landing page takes to load, the more leads you to lose.

Thank you Pages

Once your user is converted into a lead successfully by submitting a form, they are directed to the thank you page which is often overlooked. You can use this opportunity to your advantage by displaying other offers on your thank you page along with including social media links and other offer related forms.

Kickback Email

Similar to thank you pages, you can also send your leads a thank you mail also known as kickback emails. Such acknowledgment goes a long way with leads. It boosts engagement rates and brings in more leads created by the original lead that was targeted. 

Dig into CTA

dig into cta

How to keep a user hooked to your website, you may ask. The answer is simple, CTA – call to action buttons. Below are the different types of CTA you can offer on your website.


You will see this button on most websites inviting users to subscribe to their newsletters, blogs, latest updates, etc. Such buttons intrigue the user to know more about the content you have to offer later on turning them into marketing qualified leads.

Free trial or demo

Users become very skeptical when asked to pay for a service without knowing about its workings first. And that’s why like every other brand or company, you should offer a free trial or demo of your services for the user to understand what you have to offer and why they should be paying to explore the additional services. 

Personalize your CTA

personalize your cta

Personalized content otherwise known as dynamic content not only caters to your user’s personal interests and specific taste, it helps convert higher leads. For example, when a new user visits your page the homepage can greet him with a “Welcome” note while for a customer it can read “Welcome back.” This tiny personalized note can have a huge impact on a user, in the same way, you can add buttons, images, and text customized to their needs and interests. 

Add credibility

add credibility

Adding credibility to your website is easy. Always add testimonials for your users to watch or read. Texts are great but videos and audios add a dash of impact to your marketing strategy. 

Lead generation plays an important role in the world of digital marketing. There are many other areas that have a huge impact on lead generation.

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