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Beginners Guide to Email Marketing


Email Marketing has been one of the most traditional ways of marketing since its invention. It has been the most direct and effective way to reach out to your already existing customers and potential leads. Let’s start with asking the most common questions!


You can start off with creating a template for every time you want to reach out to your customers by writing compelling emails with intriguing subject lines that catch the reader’s attention, making them want to open the email rather than simply scrolling past it or shifting it to the spam folder.


You also need to keep in mind the right time to shoot them. It is one of the easiest ways of marketing compared to other complicated methods. Here are some email marketing strategies that can help boost your brand’s reach and strengthen your digital media marketing strategy.


First of all probe into the reason why you are even doing this in the first place. Questioning yourself not only gives clarity but also keeps you motivated to achieve exactly what you want to accomplish in your long term goal. This could help you increase the open rate, expand the email list by some percentage (let’s say 14%), driving in a better conversion rate and putting forth an A/B test, and many more.

These could possibly be certain goals to achieve with your email marketing campaign or it could be something totally different. No matter what it is, ensuring that it’s clear in your head matters the most before you begin with your campaign. Putting down the goal on paper does make the process challenging but it also makes it more real and result-oriented.

Sort your resources

Let’s start with understanding the different elements involved in bringing this strategy to life. Once the team that includes a content writer, a designer, an SEO expert, and a reviewer prepares an email template, you can then roll it out to the people on your list. A team of efficient members can serve you the best for all marketing purposes. Figure out ways to build a team of disciplined people now rather than later to get things done and dusted in time. 

Now it’s time to get in the designer you chose to do the job (not a compulsion though. You can design on your own). Decide on the template and fix what you want in the header and the footer. Your header could have the logo and the footer might include the link where you want to redirect the reader. If you do not have many resources you can also go for a pre-designed template and the best part is that you also get free templates to use if you are not willing to invest much right now. 

Content is king

This takes a little too much of you initially but once you know which words are evoking the required emotion you have got your people right there. Starting with what the recipient sees first in the email, we are here to discuss the name, subject line, and preview text first. Start using your brand name as the sender. The subject line comes next but holds great significance. It’s at your subject lines where you catch attention. It’s a little window so come up with a crisp line that is attractive and informative both at the same time. 

That’s an extension of the subject line and provides you the opportunity to include the details you couldn’t in the subject line. Make sure you do not fail to take advantage of this chance. Add the brief that you know will entice people to read more. 


The headline opens up a stage for the required communication that the reader gave you a chance to advance by deciding to open your email. The headline is followed by a call to action and that is followed by an appropriate closing note. There are no ground rules as to which words you choose to fight the “no I am not falling for this” in the reader’s head. The canvas is yours here. And you can paint the hooks however you want to convince your people. You need to be generous, you need to understand what the person on the other side wants and you need to be clear and practical! 

You don’t want to use videos of course because you know, Internet! But hey! Images can add a little hook to the email. Here again, you draw attention, you add information while also giving them the reason why you make a good choice. Have you been there already? You opened a pin to be directed to another webpage because the image got you there! That’s exactly what we need to do here! It might take time to select the right picture that’s worth it if it tickles the right nerve.


Provide an unsubscribe option on every email and make sure that is discoverable because believe us you would not want to end up in the spam folder. Use email marketing tools and it will make sure that every time a receiver unsubscribes, he/ she is automatically removed from the email list. 

Once you feel that your email is good to shoot, stop right there! It’s time for a review! Read it word by word and see if there is anything that’s unwanted. Take it down because you value your reader’s time. Check for the flow of the content. One part should lead to another and closing must never feel like a call to action but definitely needs to be one. Now if you feel that you are ready to go, A/B test your email with different subject lines and pick up the one that works better for your final shooting of the email.


You cannot consider your campaign done until you have got to check the reviews. Check out every last insight you get from the campaign report. If you cannot cover all the reviews, look into at least the important ones, and in most cases that suffices. 

Check for unique opens, click-through rates, no. of “unsubscribes” and no. of spam complaints, etc and try checking each email because that will tell you so many things about your campaign. If that’s too much to track then choose your own battles and hire a digital marketing specialist for the rest.

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