Top Brand Positioning Strategies to Enhance your Brand Position

Brand Positioning And How To Execute It

So you know how the world is slowly evolving towards focusing on the brand more than the product itself. Of course, they are. As soon as you enter a store to buy a laptop what is the first thing you say to the sales rep? You say I want a Dell laptop or a Macbook, and then they show you the different models, right? Why do you do that? Why not say the product name? Because of the amazing brand positioning strategies the brands have executed. You want them in your house, you need them in your house. I hope you got the reference.

Anyway, I’m sure by now you realize how important the brand is. A brand is what makes a product good. And hence, today we’ll talk about how we can use brand positioning to enhance your brand image. But first I’ll tell you what is brand positioning.

What is Brand Positioning?

What Is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in such a way that the audience perceives it in a good light. I’m sure you’re saying, Define Perceive? Perceive refers to the consumer’s mental state when they come across your brand. Now, Brand Positioning is very important to build a brand. It captures the brand’s position in the market as well as in the consumers’ minds. So let’s find out the right process for a brand positioning strategy

Brand Positioning Strategy

Brand Positioning Strategies

Research your Target audience

Market Positioning Research

To begin with your strategy, the first step would be identifying who the strategy is for. You need to search for your potential target audience and everything about them. Their locations, age groups, generic financial status, emotional bend, and a set of personality traits. For example, if your brand sells nail paints who do you think the target audience is? Mostly Women right? Then we can further break it down to women who like painting their nails, and then we can segregate them based on the colors they’d like and furthermore. So yeah, What I’m trying to say is research on your target audience is important.

Create a Brand perception around them.

Positioning In Market and Brand Perception

Now that you have your target audience, it is time to create your brand image for them. The things they would like, not like, the ideas that attract them, the references that attract them, etc. Your brand’s perception should be a good one and should be in the minds of your target audience. If your brand sells diapers for kids, there’s no point in building a good brand image in the minds of teenagers without kids. And therefore your brand and the creation of its identity should be focused on connecting with your target audience.

Put forward the key features of your Brand based on the audience research

Product Positioning and Key Brand Features

Well, you need to tell your target consumers why they should choose your brand over others. It is important to highlight your brand’s key features in every advertisement and marketing campaign. These are the features that will attract the target audience. And get them to stick to your brand.

Connect with the consumers on an emotional level

Emotional Positioning Strategy

This is where you tell the world your brand story. Here you can connect with the audience by advertising your humble beginnings and ideas to change the world for the better. The world is filled with emotions and most successful strategies target an emotion. The idea behind any product should be to make the consumers’ lives easier. And that’s a beautiful emotion. When you see monster energy or Mountain Dew’s brand strategy, they focus on courage and power. Whereas Cadbury focuses on love and deep relationships. And just like that, you need to convey your brand’s emotion and thus connect with the consumers.

Build trust and loyalty

Brand Loyalty and Customer Relationship

So, once you’ve captured your target audience, you need to get them to stay and get more customers by word-of-mouth. In short, you need to build trust and customer loyalty. Now Brand positioning is not just about reaching a good position in the market, but also about maintaining it. So, How will you do that? By delivering a great customer experience and support. This will eventually contribute to brand loyalty and referrals. So I suggest your make sure you truly take care of your customers to maintain and build your brand position.

At the end of this amazing blog, I would suggest you would implement everything we just discussed. The right execution of these strategies would surely enhance your brand’s reach and assist in Brand Positioning. The position of your brand in the market is very important in these times. This is one factor that determines your brand’s current position, future, and potential growth. So yeah, grow your brand and have fun with it. To know more about growing your brand with the Best Social Media Platforms check this out.

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