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Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Some campaigns hit the brief perfectly and achieve all the marketing goals, and then there are Digital marketing campaigns that transcend every brief and marketing purpose to achieve something more significant- the audience’s hearts.

These marketing campaigns never end; they stay alive past their expiration date, inspiring marketers across years to push harder and think bigger.

Some of them even go on to define the brand itself. Campaigns like #Sharetheload and “Ek idea jo Badal de aapki Duniya” are totems of what powerful advertising can achieve.

We have curated an elite list of best digital marketing campaigns to date that is not just about brilliant marketing but something more:

Heineken- Worlds Apart Digital Campaign

Titled “Worlds Apart: An Experiment,” the two-minute-long commercial showcases six strangers with polarising opinions paired up. After the pairs get together to follow instructions to build a bar, a video starts playing, revealing their views on hot issues like transgender rights, climate change, and feminism.

The participants are then given a choice: to leave or discuss those differences over a beer.

All three pairs choose to talk at the bar, some seeming open to changing their views.

Heineken Digital Marketing case study

In an age where the most minor misjudgment flares into controversy, this Heineken ad took controversial topics and created a masterpiece that hits all the right notes.

A beer that brings people together was the inspiration behind this digital marketing campaign.

The world’s apart campaign video drummed up over 40 million views within the first few months and sparked global conversation (91% of which involved positive sentiments) on social media platforms. The campaign was successful because people embraced the video’s message and were moved enough to hit the share button. However, the maximum chunk of the video’s reach was organic.

While the video ultimately intends to sell a product like every marketing tactic, it works because Heineken uses it as a device. It’s Heineken’s beer that sparks conversation. It breeds compassion and helps similarities speak louder than differences.

It’s a strong example of what a well-crafted message and strong storytelling can achieve.

Facts Don’t Change Our Minds. Friendship Does.

The world apart digital marketing campaign encapsulated that message perfectly.

Always’ “Like a Girl” Digital Marketing Campaign

The video ad shows boys and girls of different ages being asked to do various activities ‘like a girl.’ As the younger children do their best, the older participants do a half-hearted job flailingly.

According to P&G, 76% of women aged 16 to 24-years-old said that the #LikeAGirl video changed their perception of the phrase ‘like a girl’, and they no longer saw it as an insult. Meanwhile, two out of the three men said that the video had made them think twice about using ‘like a girl’ as an insult.

Always Digital Marketing case study

Highlighting how girls’ confidence is shagged out when they hit puberty, “like a girl” is a digital marketing campaign aimed at helping young girls and women build confidence.

They also partnered with TED to create several educational videos on confidence that were shared with teachers and students worldwide and also created the Always Confidence Curriculum, which was unveiled at the Always #LikeAGirl Confidence Summit in 2014. Meanwhile, the company kept pushing out short, inspiring messages via the hashtag #LikeAGirl.

Motivational, authentic, potentially life-changing: that’s what a successful digital marketing campaign looks like.

Virgin Media – ‘Faster Brings Us Closer’ Campaign

The #FasterCloser campaign from Virgin Media Broadband is one of our recent favorites, focusing on storytelling and hitting an emotional chord with their audience.

Virgin Media understands the vital role it plays in bringing people together and connecting them with the things they love. The Faster Brings Us Closer campaign is present across several media, including TV and social media.

Virgin Media Digital Marketing case study

This refreshing digital marketing campaign is the totem of emotion-driven storytelling.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to use in marketing campaigns. It builds a personal touch with your audience and enables them to connect and relate to your brand at a deeper level.


A successful digital marketing campaign is the culmination of creativity, insights, and execution done right. These campaigns educate, inform and inspire marketers to think big and achieve bigger.

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