Seven Easiest Steps To The Media Buying Process in 2021

7 Steps to an Effective Media Buying Process in 2021

Media buying is not a new concept. The first-ever example of Media buying was the Advertisement of Bulova Watches on 1st July 1941. That was the first time a TV commercial was telecasted on television. Since then the world of media buying has evolved with technology and now reached a point where without media buying almost no brand can make it big in the market. And that’s why today we’ll discuss What is Media Buying? and What is the right Media Buying process?

What Is Media Buying?

What Is Media Buying

Media Buying is simply buying ad spaces on different marketing channels to promote your brand. These channels can be both Digital marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, etc. And also traditional marketing channels like newspapers, television ads, and radio ads. The biggest brands in the world use media buying to maintain and grow their brand image. Media buying is essential to reach your target audience and maintain the brand’s reputation in the market. Let’s talk about the Media Buying Process and the best way to execute it.

The Media Buying Process.

There are 7 steps in an efficient Media Buying Process. We’ll now discuss these steps in detail and find the best ways to execute them.

Research and Set Media Buying Goals

Set Goals For The Media Buying Process

The first step in media buying is to set the goals you want to achieve. Whether you want brand awareness, or lead generation, or something else. Once you set these goals the next step is research. You need to research your products, their target audience, and the media channels you can use to reach your target audience.

Set Your Target Audience

Set Your Target Audience

The next step is to set a target audience for your product or service. Once you’re done with the research step you will know who your target audience is. They can be categorized into groups as per their interests, age groups, geographical locations, etc. This is crucial if you don’t want to waste your resources on the wrong audience.

Set Your Target Media Channels

Once you set your target audience you know their likes, dislikes, and everything that helps you determine where you can launch your ads. There are several media channels like television ads, radio ads, magazine ads, google ads, Facebook ads, et cetera. In this step, you will determine the media channels where you want to publish your ads. This can be determined based on your research and also the advice of your media buying agency.

Advertisement Creation

Advertisement Creation

Once you’re done with your basic research it’s now time to make the advertisement that you are buying the space for. This is the most crucial step because it determines the results of your campaign. The better the creatives the easier it is for you to achieve your goals. Making a compelling ad as per your target audience while keeping in mind the platform where you are going to publish the ad is the essence of this step.

Launching the Ad campaign

Once you are done with creating your advertisements for the various platforms you plan to launch your ads on. It’s time to launch those ads and wait for the results. While launching your ads, you need to ensure that you get the ad spaces you want at the best prices.

Media Campaign Analysis

Media Analysis

Here you analyze the results of your hard work and the whole reason for Media Buying. Once you’re finished with the publishing process it is time to review the performance of your ads on different platforms. Once you analyze your ads you will find out the list of channels that are producing the best results.

Drive resources to the best performing channels

Drive Resources To The Right Places

Once you realize the best media channels to run your ads, you can drive the resources to those Media channels from the non-performing ones. This will help in the optimum utilization of your resources and drive the best results at the right prices. This is an important part of the Media buying Process. It optimizes resources and also prevents wastage on non-performing ads.

Fulfill Your Media Buying Goals

Fulfill Your Media Goals

This is the final step in the media buying process. Here, you achieve the objectives set by you at the beginning of the Media Buying process and work on converting the leads you get from the advertisements.

Following these steps with the right efficiency and level of expertise, will guarantee the best results and help you achieve your goals effectively. However, several organizations provide expert Media Buying services and will completely take on the media buying process for you. You can always avail of such services at Promodome Digital. For some brilliant ideas to help market your brand organically read about these effective SEO techniques.

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