LSI keywords: What Are They And How To Find Them in 2022?

LSI keywords: What Are They And How To Find Them?

LSI Keywords are related terms about a concept that search engines use to understand a topic in-depth on a webpage. Latent Semantic Indexing is a computer program designed to learn and understand the related terms in the content. Let’s know the LSI SEO in detail and use LSI keywords in your content.

LSI Keywords Meaning

Previously Google and other search engines would emphasise a particular word to understand the concept of the topic. So, for instance, if the search engine captures the term ‘Digital marketing’ in your content, it would self-analyse that your content was obviously about digital marketing. Hence the density of the words mattered back then for Google to understand the concept.

LSI keywords examplesBut now, the search engines have got a lot smarter. Now its ultimate objective is to understand the overall topic of the webpage. How will the search engines do this? Hence, the search engines depend on semantic keywords to understand the entire concept.

LSI Keywords Examples

Let’s understand the above context in detail. Here are some LSI keywords examples for you to understand the concept easily. For instance, if your webpage explains the features of a smartphone, the search engine will observe if you have used the term “smartphone” in your title, content, image alt-text etc.

Besides this, it will also pay heed to words like “Android”, “iPhone”, “smartphone prices”, “RAM”, etc.

Recently, A Google research paper started that now observes the words that frequently occur together in the article to understand the context of the article.

How To Find Semantic Keywords?

Avoid using Synonyms

While learning to find LSI keywords, keep in mind that you are not just looking for synonyms. Instead, it would be best if you found related words and phrases. This will assist you in finding the right set of semantic keywords for your content.

For instance, if you want to target the keyword “SEO Backlinks,” you shouldn’t simply focus on synonyms like “SEO link building” or “backlinks.” Instead, try to build a list of relevant terms deriving from that concept, which might include “dofollow backlinks” or “link building.”

Look for related search on Google

While learning how to find LSI keywords, Google is an excellent place to start! An example of a simple LSI keyword is the group of related searches at the bottom of the page.

The results that you find at the bottom of the page are similar to what the semantic keyword tool provides you. They help you find related queries and show you how people search various search phrases. You can also observe the terms that show up when you type a target keyword into the Google search bar.

Either of these keywords helps you in discovering strategies that can help you find common search phrases you may not have thought of!

Use LSI keyword generator

Another way to find semantic keywords is by using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, popularly known as AdWords. Primarily used by advertisers, the tool suggests hundreds of keywords and lists standard search terms and phrases. Isn’t this one of the best LSI keyword generators, as it quickly lets you find related search terms.

You have to enter your target term and see which related Search Engine Optimization keywords have high search levels and low competition.

Other LSI generators are Ahrefs and Semrush.


Isn’t it easy to understand how to find LSI keywords? Go ahead and find the best one for your content and get the desired traffic that you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many LSI keywords should I use?

Ans. The main keyword and KSI keywords go hand in hand. Therefore it is advised to use not more than two keywords to avoid keyword stuffing.

Q2. Why are LSI keywords important?

Ans. LSI keywords are important with regard to SEO (search engine optimization). They are search terms related to the main keyword that you are targeting. it is useful to the search engine and the user as it adds more context and lets the search engine know what your content is about.

Q3. Which tool is famous to extract LSI keywords?

Ans. Google AdWords, Ahrefs, Semsrush and are some of the famous tools to extract LSI keywords.

Q4. What is an LSI keywords example?

Ans. If you describe cars, your LSI keywords might be automobile, engine, road, tires, vehicle, and automatic transmission.

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