Digital Media Buying Platforms: Top 7 Platforms to Buy Digital Ad Spaces

Top 7 Digital Media Buying Platforms in 2021

If you have read my previous blog about digital media buying, I am sure you have a clear idea about how that process works. Well, to execute the process you can use the digital media buying platforms that I suggest in this article. Digital media buying platforms help bring publishers and advertisers together for efficient buying and selling of ad spaces. Here the publishers from all over the world list their ad spaces out of the which the advertisers choose the ones they find the most relevant to their advertisements. Let’s find out about some of the most commonly used digital media buying platforms and how they help you advertise your brands in 2021.

Google Display and Video 360

Google Display Video

The Google Display & Video 360 is a brilliant media buying platform that offers many important features to advertisers. The features include campaign management, customized data-driven creative assistance, audience management, premium ad inventory access from the top publishers in the world, and data analysis.

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP for Digital Media Buying

The Amazon DSP is the most commonly used Demand Side Platform on the internet. Using this advertiser get access to advertise on all the amazon owned websites and platforms along with the other amazon partners. Amazon as we know is the biggest eCommerce platform on the planet and they have reached the position by providing the best services and solutions. This is why you can totally trust the platform to be safe and help you grow your brand efficiently.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk

The Trade desk is one of the biggest digital media buying platforms on the internet today. The platform opens the gates to some of the biggest brands in the market exposing your advertisements to several premium publishers. Some of the most famous publishers associated with the Trade desk are Spotify, Wall Street Journal, and ESPN.



Advidi is a great performance marketing network that has a reach of over 100 countries. The network has both advertisers and publishers from all over the world. The ads and ad spaces are exchanged with Real-time bidding. Their strongest verticals are dating, sweepstakes, Nutra, and igaming. These verticals involve targeting several niches that aren’t usually targeted by many mainstream digital media buying platforms. This makes the platforms stand out from the competition and helps you reach a specific target audience.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertise Cloud

The Adobe advertising cloud is an amazing DSP launched by Adobe that provides you with several beneficial features to reach your target audience efficiently. These features include cross-screen planning, premium inventory management, people-based marketing, and creative management. Just like Google DV360 the Adobe Advertising Cloud give you brilliant overall assistance to get the best possible results.



Pocketmath is an amazing mobile app demand site platform that allows advertisers to publish their ads efficiently. With Pocketmath, advertisers can reach their users in real-time and get insights regarding the campaigns.

Ad colony

Ad Colony for Digital Media Buying

Ad colony is another brilliant platform that helps advertisers publish their ads on mobile apps on both android and IOS. The best way to find out the best-performing mobile ads is by experimenting with different ad formats. You can then optimize the ones that get the best results once you know the best ones. This becomes easier with AdColony. The platform offers various ad placement formats to reach the database of over 450 million app users.

These were some of the best digital media buying platforms to get the best ad spaces on websites. Using these platforms you can create the most creative and interactive ads and be able to publish them on some of the world’s biggest digital advertising channels. For the 7 steps to an effective media buying process, check out this article.

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