Social Media Optimization (SMO) Techniques And Strategies for 2021

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Techniques And Strategies

The most effective approach to advertising your company is social media without second thoughts. Social Media is the primary medium of marketing and creating awareness by the brand. Therefore, Social Media Optimization is a considerable part of marketing strategies adopted by companies to pave their way and create a niche for themselves on social media platforms.

Social Media Optimization


Unfortunately, due to rising competition and continuous changes in social media algorithms, putting your business out there on Social Media is getting increasingly challenging. The constant challenge and pressure to put out relevant content need a solid Social Media Optimization strategy in place.

Why Is Social Media Optimization Important?

To thrive, many companies and businesses put in a lot of effort to stand out among the competition and increase their social media following to generate potential leads for sales. Effective SMO strategy encourages businesses to align with their goals and objectives and best social media practices.

Many brands create the impression that posting and engaging on Social Media is simple. But in reality, it takes a lot of hard work for top brands to stay consistent and pump out relevant content. So allow us to explain the advantages.

  • To increase exposure and reach
  • It helps to identify the target audience.
  • Examine and assess the total outcome of your social media marketing in terms of brand awareness and sales generated.
  • It helps to maintain a constant process of creating relevant content.

What Is SMO?

Social Media Optimization(SMO), like SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimization), needs planning techniques to understand what is best for the business.

Therefore, a well-planned strategy may help you improve your brand, produce more leads, increase your digital presence, and increase communication with your audience/community.

Strategies That You Must Try to Boost Online Presence

Here are the top tactics you can employ to increase your online Brand presence and develop a powerful strategy:

Social Searchability Optimization

Social Media Optimization and SEO go hand in hand to create a healthy and well-rounded online marketing strategy. Coming up in the top Google searches, for example, is a primary objective for brands nowadays. This is feasible when firms use their keywords consistently throughout their social media posts.

Social Media Optimization

SEO Strategy

We’re not advocating stuffing keywords into your posts to improve social searchability. However, keyword research is critical for identifying brand-specific keywords. All efforts to boost your brand’s exposure on Social Media will be in vain until you understand keyword research. Implement some SEO techniques related to keyword research like:

  • Create an informative profile bio

In your bio, clearly state what you do or what your business is. Then, when potential customers visit your social media profile, they must understand the nature of your business before deciding whether or not to follow you.

  • Use relevant Keywords or Hashtags.

In your description, make sure to infuse keywords to increase your chances of getting discovered in top searches. You can use keywords in various areas of your social media page like photo description, about section, title, etc.

Content Strategy Optimization

Along with keyword research, content strategy is essential too. Having a plan in place will help you churn out content in a much organized manner. To improve your content strategy, you must do the following:

Social Media Optimization

SMO-Content Strategy


  • Consistency is key when it comes to publishing content. Make a strategy to offer you a clear picture of when to publish and how often you post. This will ensure that your audience is kept informed about the times of your posts regularly.
  • Your target audience may vary depending on the social media network you choose. Followers on Instagram, for example, will differ from those on Linked In. As a result, filter your posts and content such that no one is confused about which post will appear on which network.

Account Optimization

The company’s social profile is referred to as Account Optimization. The creative images and branding should be the same or consistent on all platforms. This means the brand’s logo, profile picture, thumbnail, font, tagline, and slogans must all be the same. The profile picture and the brand’s logo develop brand identification.

Social Media Optimization

Account Optimization

Consider your social media presence as a portal to your products and business. Assuming this is someone’s first interaction with your company, consistency is essential for keeping consumers interested and avoiding confusion.

Engaging Visuals And Text

Come up with ways to engage with the target audience. Only creating a page alone will not land you business. You have to work towards making your presence felt on Social media.

You must ensure that your target audience will respond favorably to the content. Use very entertaining material, such as memes, tutorials, movies, infographics, and other such content. One of the most acceptable social media optimization tactics is to make sure your post is aesthetically appealing. Here are a few strategies that will help you stand out:

  • You can create polls on the Instagram handle, keep Q & A, Allow your followers to ask you anything. Post-behind-the-scenes content of all the hard work behind creating content.
  • Create live streams to get the most out of your audience.
  • Keep contests on your social media pages to get maximum reach.
  • Visual content is more user-friendly.

Have A YouTube Presence

Trust us, we feel your pain! Creating content is challenging, and making YouTube videos is a tedious job. But YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, make use of this and create a YT channel of your brand and periodically post ‘How To’ videos. Audiences love those a lot, and it will help you garner more attention to your other social media pages and your content.

Social Media Optimization

YouTube Channel

Performance Optimization

The ultimate objective of the optimization is to boost your brand’s social media performance. Performance optimization means increased traffic and views on your page, which will increase the chances of conversion.

Understand and monitor the social content that is working for your business and what isn’t with the help of Analytics.

Social Media Optimization


Track mentions and determine your brand’s share of voice compared to competitors.

When your analytics are accurate, you can make marketing decisions with more confidence in any case. So even if the numbers are going down, it will be easy to get desired results in no time with proper planning and implementation.

Wrapping Up

Start approaching your social media posting with a strategic mindset and see the outcomes! Social media optimization might drastically change the way you approach your marketing strategy. SMO is linked to search results, and there’s a lot you can do to improve your presence on social media.

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