What Is Blog Commenting? Tips & Advantages

How To Do Blog Commenting In SEO?

Blog commenting helps you improve your online presence and drives traffic to your blog and website. This guide will help you understand the importance and benefits of leaving comments on a blog and how it adds value and provides authority to the site.

Let us begin by understanding what blog commenting in SEO means.

What Is Blog Commenting In SEO?

In simple words, blog commenting in SEO means comments left at the end of the blog in the form of queries, blog appreciation messages, quotes, replies, and answers to the queries by the blog author.

what is seo blog commenting


Comments make the blog post interactive and a valuable strategy to promote your website, product, and services with relevant keywords. Leveraging blog commenting can be highly efficient and beneficial for SEO purposes.

The comments section of a blog is an excellent place for people to discuss and share their thoughts on a specific topic. When blog commenting works, it strengthens relationships among blogs, readers, and bloggers.

Why Is Blog Commenting Essential?

Commenting on blogs is a great way to spread the word about the topics. Conversation between the commenter and the author is fostered through comments. Your social standing will rise in proportion to the amount of attention you receive. Not only can comments increase your online visibility, but they can also generate valuable inbound links and site visitors.

Advantages Of Blog Comments

Blog commenting is essential for several reasons. Let us explore some benefits of blog comments in SEO:

  • Builds Backlinks

If you’re worried your site isn’t receiving enough visitors, a lack of credibility with search engines might be to blame. By leaving comments on other people’s blogs, you may generate a backlink to your site, which will assist you in the long run.

  • Brand Awareness

When engaging in blogging or commenting activities, it is advisable to focus on a particular speciality to attract potential visitors and generate traffic effectively. When people read a blog that piques their attention, they are likelier to remember the content topic and the brand name. This means the brand recall value increases.

  • Drawing Attention To Your Website

The comments section of a blog post is often the first stop for readers interested in the discussion that follows the article. Systematic commenting has the potential to garner attention from both the commenter and their associated website.

  • Attracting Leads

Leaving comments can attract traffic to the website and products; indirectly, it also helps generate leads. On the original blog post, you can add valuable links and references that will further enhance the blog’s value so that people can pick up insightful and relevant details in addition to the information available in the blog. It is an excellent tactic to attract leads by leaving additional links and references in the comment section.

  • Fosters A Connection

Blog commenting allows professionals and social media followers to get their voices heard and questions answered. This interaction fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between bloggers and their audience. This effort to strengthen relationships takes time, but it ultimately pays off.

  • Increases Sales

Brand recognition and product page rankings might benefit from blog comment management incorporating internal links and re-shares. Blog comments optimized for search engines boost your site’s visibility when potential customers look for your brand or a product like yours.

Best SEO Practices To Follow For Commenting On Blogs

Let us briefly discuss additional tips and tricks on how to do blog commenting for SEO.

  • Post engaging comments. Short comments such as ‘nice article,’ ‘very helpful,’ and ‘well written’ will not add value to your website. Therefore, comments with at least 150-200 words will open doors to conversation and will be appreciated.
  • Choose blogs as per your industry niche and add comments that are relevant to your niche.
  • If you know about the blog topic, add comments on other blogs that can add value and more information, which can benefit you and the reader.
  • Always respond to the comments to continue the discussion.
  • Always try to be the first person to comment on the blogs. This will give you an advantage as most of the readers will see your comments at the top.
  • Always use your full name. Present yourself in a manner that does not indicate spammy comments that only contain brand names.
  • If you have a query that needs more clarification, please feel free to ask questions about it. This will help you to develop relationships with the blogger.


Leaving comments on blogs is a simple technique to increase your website’s traffic and gain valuable backlinks. Blog commenting is pointless without the right approach. It helps your SEO efforts and might lead to collaboration with the writers. Leaving comments on blogs is a fantastic method of expanding your network base.

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