Featured Snippet: What It is, It types & How to Add Them?

What Is Featured Snippet?

When you want to optimise your website and bring more traffic to your website, you know you need to make strategies. Despite top-notch content, without proper tactics, it’s like a battle to get maximum clicks on your site. But one thing that can triumph over this problem is getting your content in featured snippets. It helps you pull incredible engagement and traffic, expanding your website reach. Use this guide to understand a featured snippet, their type, and how to use them to enhance your site’s performance on the search engine result page.

What Is A Featured Snippet?

featured snippets

Featured snippets are little text boxes of web content at the top of the search engine results page. This is at a spot commonly known as position #0. Featured snippet is a way to provide a short and quick answer to the user’s query, likely to get the utmost clicks and engagement. The content in the snippets is directly taken out from the Google index. There are four featured snippet types: paragraphs, tables, videos, and lists.

Why Are Featured Snippets Important For SEO?

Featured snippets in SEO offer an excellent opportunity to get more clicks and drive more traffic from organic search results without fighting for the traditional #1 position. According to search engine results reports from search engine land, content in featured snippets gets more than 8% of all clicks. If you are looking to seriously boost your organic CTR and attract massive traffic, refine your snippet SEO strategy and get your content ranked in the featured snippet section of Google’s search results. Conduct a thorough keyword research to select the choice of keywords to rank for in featured snippets.

Featured Snippet: Different Types

Users widely use plenty of featured snippets to increase engagement on your website. Here are four of the popular featured snippets at a broad level.

1. Paragraph Snippets

Paragraph snippet provides users with quick and crisp answers to the queries searched on Google. The content is in the definition form with related images.

2. Table Featured Snippet

Table snippets are usually seen when visualizing data for different types of compression. It’s not as common as paragraph snippets, but it’s used in some cases where a table is the best way to explain the information.

3. Lists Snippets

Two list snippet types are used for web pages: ordered and unordered. It keeps the information more organized and to the point for the users. Besides this, it is one of the best ways to grab user’s attention to your site.

4. Video Snippets

Video snippets, like paragraphs, are one of the standard data providers. It’s usually used to demonstrate a step-by-step guide on a query. Except for the guide, it is used to display the educational video. So, if you have a YouTube channel and are struggling to generate views, video snippets are what you need.

How To Get Featured Snippet?

Getting featured snippets for your blogs and web pages is a big thing. Earning it to improve your website engagement is also quite a backbreaking job. Here, we have mentioned some top strategies to help bring your sites to the top and earn the featured snippet.

1. Keyword Research With Low Volume And Difficulty

To rank on the top and get a featured snippet, you first need to do proper keyword research. However, with keywords, considering their volume and ranking difficulty is equally crucial. Incorporate low-volume keywords into your site, as they always have less competition.

2. Answer The Query In Your Content

Answering people’s questions is one of the ways to get your content in featured snippets. Think with the user’s perspective and try to solve their queries as much as possible.

3. Images With A Relevant ALT TEXT

Not knowing the importance of alt text is probably why people usually pay no heed to the image alt text. Adding relevant alt text to the image helps increase your site’s visibility by appearing on the result page and in the image section of Google.

4. Optimise Your Page Structure And Headings

Having page-structured content matters to get the highest engagement. If your website is structured, it reduces the page’s bounce rate, increasing your website’s value. Add H1 for the title, H2s for the inside heading, and H3s for the subheadings to make your content well-organised.


The right featured snippets can improve your website CTR effectively. Now that you know what featured snippets are and their types, use the best strategies to get them for your site and articles. Some of them we have mentioned in this blog, but learning new tricks and skills will always help you enhance your reach.

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