Top 5 Ways to Optimize Facebook Dynamic Ads | Beginner's Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads

Have you come across the term dynamic ads on Facebook? Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool, and advertising has become a vital part of the business world. With more and more brands fighting to build a robust online presence, Facebook dynamic ads help brands create relevancy of their products among their audience. Dynamic ads are not the same on Instagram and Facebook. You will need to build a completely different marketing strategy to promote your products via ads on Instagram.

What is a Facebook Dynamic Ad?


Facebook dynamic ads are advertisements that promote e-commerce products on the platform. Dynamic Products Ads create customized content for each user based on their behavior. In simple terms, advertisers can show the right products to the right audience.

For example, a user visits your website and browses through your products. Through Pixel, Facebook will monitor the user’s behavior and note the products that the user interacts with. It will then show the same products to users with similar behavior to bring them back to the website.

How to create dynamic ads?

To create a Facebook dynamic ad:

  1. Go to Ads Manager and click on Create “+”
  2. Create a campaign and choose your objective and select your catalog
  3. Create your ad set and select your product set
  4. Add images
  5. Select one out of the two:
  6. Add a card with a fixed image a the beginning
    Add a card at the end with your page profile picture
  7. Enter headline and News Feed link description for your product set
  8. (Optional steps) Add a call to action button / Add a unique link to each item

Done! You have now created a dynamic ad on Facebook.

Here are the 5 steps to set up a Facebook Dynamic Ad:

  1. Install Facebook Pixel or Facebook SDK
  2. Create a product catalog
  3. Create product sets
  4. Select your audience
  5. Create an ad

Why use dynamic ads on Facebook?

  1. It delivers personalized and relevant content to customers based on their behavior.
  2. You don’t need to configure it for each customer manually. Its campaigns are automated and work continuously.
  3. It retargets existing customers and brings them back to your website.
  4. It helps bring in new customers by targeting a broad set of audiences.

5 tips to optimize your Facebook Dynamic Ads


  • Up to date product catalog
  • Check analytics
  • Fix images for mobile view
  • Use the multi-language option
  • Use animations

Keep your product catalog updated

One of the best ways to optimize your dynamic ads is to keep your catalog updated. If you have thousands of products to showcase, make sure every one of them is up to date with the right images and SKUs.

Adjust budget according to analytics

Check your analytics data regularly to understand which ads are performing better. You can increase the budget of those performing well and remove the underperforming ones altogether.

Use images with the right dimensions

If you are running a carousel ad, the right dimensions are 600 px by 600 px, while single ads should be 12000 px by 630 px. Make sure you use the mentioned dimensions while creating high-quality images. This will help grab the attention of your audience.

Multi-language option

Facebook dynamic ads now have a new feature that lets you create your ads in different languages. This way, you can target a broad set of audiences from other countries and build a more diverse customer base.

Make use of animations wherever possible

Dynamic ads have a slideshow feature that lets you show your products from different angles and close-ups of each detail you would like to focus on. You can do this by simply adding multiple images.


We have reached the end of this blog. And you are all set to run a dynamic ad for your website on Facebook. Dynamic ads are a brilliant way to advertise your e-commerce products to the right audience. You can use Facebook and its ever-evolving features to your advantage to reach out to a larger audience. This will help you achieve your KPIs and bring in more revenue.

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