Free Social Media Marketing Courses from the Best Sites on the Internet.

Top (Free) Social Media Marketing Courses

Social Media Marketing is one of the key features of Digital Marketing. And the best part is the industry is growing rapidly and needs more and more social media experts. Well then not to worry, here I have for you the best and Guess What? Free social media marketing courses to learn the ABC of Social Media Marketing right from your home. All the social media marketing courses below are absolutely free and self-guided. So all you need to do is just open your laptop and start learning. Let’s get some details on these courses so you can choose the most suited ones for you.

Hootsuite Platform Training Course – Hootsuite

Hootsuite Social Media Course

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media marketing tools all over the world. Here you are taught how you can use the tool to create the best social media impact. The tool has several analytical, posting, and ideation features that will really help you understand the ifs and buts of social media. However, there are other much more detailed courses that are immensely valuable and hence aren’t free.

Social Media in a Noisy Online World – Skillshare

Skill Share Social Media Marketing Course

Skillshare is a huge platform with over 15000 courses by experts. Its insightful social media course is perfect for beginners. It involves everything from social media to graphic designing. The course helps a great deal in preparing an effective social media content strategy and planning your brand’s social media. However, it is only free for the first 60 days. But I’m sure you can learn a whole lot in the first 2 months with this fantastic course.

Social Media Certification – Hubspot

HubSpot Social media Certification

Social Media is all about inbound marketing and this course smartly covers that. The course is from HubSpot and is absolutely free. Now as we all know HubSpot is one of the leaders in inbound and online marketing. The course covers everything from social media content creation, measuring ROI, and more in less than 5 hours. The course will truly help you create compelling content and attract customers solely based on your social media skills.

Social Media Training for Beginners – Constant Contact

Constant Contact Social Media Course

As we all know how Constant contact is one of the most famous email marketing software. Because of this, the unique thing about this course is how it teaches you to combine email marketing and social media marketing. The course is divided into lessons where each lesson covers a single Social Media platform and everything about it. It also teaches you how to build your business profile on Google My Business. This is a great course for beginners looking to learn the basics of social media step-by-step.

These are the best free social media marketing courses on the internet today. You can choose whichever you seem the best fit at your convenience. You can also study all of them to get insights from different platforms and grow your learning horizon.

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