What Is Link Building, Its Importance & How To Do It?

What Is Link Building?

We have been focusing on highlighting the different search engine optimization ranking factors to help you build your brand. Link-building is one of Google’s crucial SEO-authorized ranking factors, which is worth focusing on. This builds the confidence and credibility of your website to rank higher on the search engine result page. However, what is Link building?

Constructive and enlightening websites are more likely to have more revisits and preferability, which helps Google understand your value. Apart from this, what helps Google know your worth is link building. Here’s everything you must know about it to leverage its benefits.

What Is Link Building For SEO & It’s Importance?

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Link building is the process of accumulating backlinks, aka inbound links from other websites. This is one of the significant SEO ranking factors. The more high-quality backlinks you generate, the higher your website ranks on the result page. Link-building is like a vote of confidence for Google and other major search engines, and each vote insinuates your website as credible, valuable, and constructive. Hence, the search engines prioritize your site over others. There are different link-building strategies you can execute to produce top-quality backlinks to improve the ranking. This includes content marketing, email outreach, broken links, unlinked brand mentions, and public relations.

How To Build Links For Your Website?

To build links for your website, you must take three major steps:

1. Request For Links

Websites with high-quality content are likely to get more backlinks. If you believe you have one, reach the website owner with a similar niche or relevant content using their contact details. You can ask them to add your page’s link to their blog content, guides, ebooks, visual assets, and case studies. As a beginner, you may face hard times finding potential, but using certain keyword tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz can help you have the list.

2. Attach Links

Besides competitors or other relevant sites, the only ones that can help you in accumulating inbound links are your different platforms. It may be your social media platforms, business directories, blog post comments, or Q&A sites like Quora. Truth be told, these backlinks are not something Google pays more attention to as you create them. However, even if these links won’t actively help, they won’t hurt either. This technique promotes your site to people who couldn’t reach your site yet.

3. Generate Links Naturally

Generating links naturally means earning them from other websites without asking them to. The only way to do that is by creating high-quality, valuable content. Natural link-building is when the site attaches your page link to its content as a relevant resource. Here is the list of the different content types that help produce superior inbound links.

  1. Visual assets, for instance, infographics, charts, diagrams, etc.
  2. Authentic research and data
  3. Guides, articles, and tutorials
  4. Online tools and calculators

You can use the competitor’s site to bring excellence to your content, generating premium link-building.


Link building improves your website’s credibility power and brings it to the forefront. Now that you understand what link building is and how to build it, ensure that your site is attached to credible pages. Link-building only works in your favor when you have generated it from organic websites. You can use different tools available online, like Ahrefs, to understand if your site is linked to trustworthy sites.

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