Social Media Monitoring Process: A Step-by-Step-Guide

4 Steps to an Efficient Social Media Monitoring Process

Social Media Monitoring is a crucial part of social media marketing. It assists in the smooth and efficient execution of your social media strategy. Social media monitoring helps you track your brand’s online presence and work on it effectively and that is why Today we’ll talk about the steps to an efficient social media monitoring process.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

What Is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring refers to keyword-based monitoring where you look for keywords that are attached to your brand in some or another way. It is the practice of listening to your brands’ social media mentions and responding accordingly. These mentions can include anything from complaints, reviews, opinions, et cetera. An efficient media monitoring process would help you respond to your customers, keep track of your brand reputation and assist in online reputation management.

STEP1: Researching the Keywords to Monitor.

Keyword research For Social Media Monitoring

For the first step in social media monitoring, you need to sort out the keywords you are supposed to keep your eye on. These keywords include the name of your brand, its taglines, possible variations of your brand name, and the names of the people representing your company. You can also research and add a few keywords that aren’t directly related to your brand but are likely to be used commonly about your brand. When you start the process of media monitoring these keywords will help you respond and address the complaints, reviews, and questions regarding your brand.

STEP2: How to Monitor the Keywords

How to Monitor Keywords

There are several tools online that can help you monitor these keywords. All you have to do is type the keywords into the tools and they would notify you every time your brand or brand-related keywords are mentioned anywhere on the internet. Under this step, you set up the means to begin your social media monitoring process and where the execution begins.

STEP3: Data Accumulation

Data Accumulation

In the third step, the tools you set up will collect the data and present them to you. You need to sort the data out into the categories of mentions. The mentions that need to be responded to, the ones that require actions by a certain department, and the ones that do not need to be reacted to. Once you are done with sorting out the data collected by the tools you will allocate responsibilities to take actions based on the mention. This is a daily process and should be the first thing you do every day.

STEP4: Taking Action

Social Media Monitoring Execution

The next step would be to take actions based on the results of your social media monitoring process. You will find several mentions of your brand spanned throughout all the social media platforms. Now you need to understand what needs to be done about the mentions and take the right actions. For instance, if a customer reviews a problem about one of your products, you will respond to it positively and then take the necessary action required to make it right.

With these steps, you can easily enhance the efficiency of your social media monitoring process and improve your brand reputation.

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