8 Types Of PPC In Digital Marketing?

What Are The Various Kinds Of Pay Per Click Ads?

What is PPC in digital marketing? There are different types of Pay Per Click advertisements that brands and companies use to optimize its sale. However, the multiple types of PPC ads can be confusing. So, we will guide you through each kind of ad and help you understand each type and how it works.

Once you know what pay-per-click is and have an overview of the standard PPC ad types, you can use the knowledge and create a PPC marketing strategy for your brand. Moreover, after understanding the business goals, you can even have a PPC agency create an advertising strategy for your company. An agency will help you curate a process according to the company’s requirements and budget.

What Is PPC In Digital Marketing?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is nothing but an online advertising model where an advertiser will pay each time a user clicks on the ad format. So, depending on the number of times the ad is clicked on, the digital marketer will be charged a fee.

PPC campaigns drive business growth by getting valuable leads for the brands. As a result, visitors to the brand’s landing page are more likely to convert into sales than organic traffic.

In the next section, let us see how Pay per click in digital marketing works.

How Does PPC Work?

Let us figure out, in general, what a PPC campaign in Google Ads would look like.

When someone performs a search online using a search engine to buy something, the search results show pay-per-click ads. Based on the search query, these ads can be seen in different formats, from images to text, videos, or a combination. The ads will appear on websites, social media platforms, various search engines, etc.

So, first, based on the company goals and requirements, you will do the following:

  1. Select a campaign based on budget
  2. Choose audience, location, devices, etc.
  3. Place bidding on the campaign.
  4. Later, insert the landing page URL
  5. Finally, create your ad campaign.

You must also know that keywords are essential in an ad campaign. For example, when you create an ad, according to the business, you will choose and bid on targetted keywords. Suppose you bid on keywords like a staycation, swim bags, pet clinics, etc.; Google will display all related matches to users looking for those keywords.

What Are The Different Types Of PPC In Digital Marketing?

Now, let us start with the various pay-per-click ads that will help your business target more leads for the products and services.

PPC adsPaid Search Ads

What is paid search? Paid search is one of the most common types of advertising campaigns and the most effective type of ad to reach the potential target audience.

Paid searches appear at the top and the bottom of the search result page. These advertisements generally are tagged with the word “AD” on the extreme left to indicate that they are paid ads.

As the paid ads are displayed right at the top, above the organic results, you must target the right keywords as the chances of getting a click-through are high. Also, you must ensure that the users are taken directly to the landing page for your ad.

Display Ads

The second most common type of PPC ad is a display ad. Again, it differs from paid search advertising. The reason is that display, and online ads use the CPC(Cost-Per-click) method. This means the user will be charged an amount when they click on the ad, which is why it is not as effective as the paid search advertising option.

Also, display ads are an excellent choice for a potential customer interested in buying the product. So, this PPC ad will get the brand better exposure as it can be fresh in the audience’s mind, and curious people will click on the ad.

Social Media Ads

As is evident from the name, this type of par-per-click ad appears on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media ads allow for generating awareness among potential leads. These ads can also target a specific demographic per the products. For example, mother and baby products and services can be directed toward newborn babies and mothers.

Retargeting PPC Advertising

Retargeting ads, also known as remarketing ads, are a commonly used campaign by advertisers. These ads are specifically addressed to previous customers who have visited the website.

The purpose of remarketing ads is that aids the brand in converting leads by re-engaging them with your website. Usually, customers visit your website, and there are chances they might consider checking out other products to compare quality, prices, or delivery. So, retargeting ads allow customers to reconsider their options and convert them into sales.

Video Ads

Video ads are also another type of PPC in digital marketing. It is considered an integral part of marketing because online videos can bring organic traffic to the website.

Video ads are also effective as it makes the audience aware of how to use the product, and new users will get acquainted with the brand and the website.

Google Shopping Ads

Advertisers use Google shopping ads to help potential leads find your products. They appear in images just above the Google search results allowing the consumer to look at the prices and the product image before clicking on the website.

Local Ads

This type of PPC campaign is excellent for marketers who run their businesses from home. Also, this ad campaign must be used by salons, electricians, plumbers, HVAC companies (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), etc.

These services must be listed in local service advertisements. If your business falls under any of the categories, you can benefit up to a great extent as these ads can help you to find customers in your area and spread awareness of your services through word of mouth too.


These are the most well-known types of PPC campaigns. We hope you are clear on what is PPC in digital marketing. Ad formats depend on various factors of your business. For example, the company’s nature, the type of product and services offered, the target audience, and the platform.

A digital marketing agency with experience will help you determine the suitable ad format for your business and help you avoid any mistakes when running your PPC campaigns. 

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